Honeycomb Effect Spellbinder Bauble Card

This workshop shows how to make a 3D honeycomb effect bauble using the Spellbinders heirloom 2011 die.

Here 2 sheets of 90gsm pearl paper have been placed back to back to create a lovely rich tone to the project. The project can also be made using 18 baubles to make a 3D bauble as a decoration.


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Honeycomb Bauble Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Heirloom 2011 Bauble Die : WIZS4-334

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

2 Tone Ribbon ; 148-153

Creative Expressions Metal Corners : CHARMVICCOR

Coconut White 220 gsm A4 Card Stock : 40980

Perfect Medium Ink Pad : PERPADCL

Cosmic Shimmer Bronze Ultra Thick Embossing Powder : CSUTBRON

Cosmic Shimmer Silver Shine Embossing Powder : CSEPSILMET

Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink Pad DPVINTAGEPHO

Tim Holtz Fired Brick Distress Reinker : DIFIREDBRICK


A5 Bauble Stamp Plate  for Best Wishes Stamp : UMCHRISBAUB

Umount: Beaded Elements A5 Stamp Plate : UMBEADED

Foundations Pink Pearl Paper 90gsm  :40186

Foundations Raspberry  Paper 90gsm : 40435

Sticky Thumb Tape Runner : STICKY


Step by Step Instructions

1  Cut 9 of the largest bauble die shapes using the pink pearl & also 9 in the raspberry pearl 90gsm paper. This technique works best with paper so a double sided paper would also work well.


2 This is an optional step but gives a lovely subtle look when viewing the bauble from different angles. Stamp & emboss the bauble in the centre of the bauble using the perfect medium ink & the silver shine embossing powder.


3 Once all the pink layers have been embossed it will be evident that the paper will curl on the 90gsm paper.


Gather all 9 baubles & gently curve the paper backwards & this will bring the paper back to a flat state.


5 Use the tape runner to add glue to the edges of the bauble on the raspberry layer and add the pink embossed bauble over the top.


Repeat this process until there are 9 sets of paper before folding the bauble in half. Here the raspberry is on the outside meaning the embossed bauble will be just seen from above when looking into the bauble. So fold the pink on the outside for a different look.


Retain one of the off cuts left when cutting the bauble out as this will become a template to make the honeycomb effect. Start to mark the positions of where the glue will be needed to be added by placing an `A` in the curve of the top of the bauble & then add another `A` directly opposite. Add a `B` at the tip of the bauble & directly opposite. Add an `A in the centre bottom edge before adding a `B` half way in between the `A`s`.


8 Cosmic shimmer glue is a little harder to use as it won`t instantly dry, but it is worth it as it dries firmer than a glue dot. Open up a folded bauble & place in the template. Place a dot of glue on all of the `A` points before folding the piece downwards. Hold the piece down to allow the glue to stick.


9 Now go in & add the glue to the `B` points on the bauble.


10 Take another bauble which has been opened & place over the glued bauble. Add a dot of glue or here a glue dot has been used. They are bulkier but give an instant fix but depending on the weight of paper will determine if they will hold.


11 Repeat the process until all the bauble pieces have been added. Now press firmly down to ensure all the glue or glue dots have stuck to the paper as this will create the honeycomb effect.


12 Take a width of wonder tape and place it down the spine of the bauble. Rub the tape to make sure all the layers of paper have been caught under the tape.


13 Now open up the bauble to see the honeycomb effect of the bauble. Making this half bauble is great for adding to a card but using 18 baubles could make a full 3d bauble which could be the centre piece on a swag of foliage or it could adorn a Christmas tree.


14 Now cut a piece of either pink pearl card or white coconut card measuring 8” square. Stamp the `Merry Christmas` &` beaded elements ` swirl at random using the perfect medium ink pad and emboss using the ultra thick bronze embossing crystals (or just embossing powder). Mat onto some raspberry card.


15 Lay a piece of the lace onto the non stick craft mat & spritz the ink over the lace. (1 drop of fired brick reinker to the bottle of water) Lift the lace up and move to a clean area to either dry the ink using a heat tool or to allow to dry naturally.


16 Cut the small lower section of the lace out to make an ideal shape for the tip of the bauble.


17 Add the lace across the top of the backing panel before adding a loop of ribbon onto the card.


18 Place Cosmic Shimmer glue to the back panels of the bauble


19 Remove the backing of the wonder tape before placing the bauble onto the card. Hold or place weights onto lower sections until the glue sticks to the card.

19 20 Make 2 loops of ribbon before knotting the ribbon to create a feature to the bow. Add this to the top of the bauble so the eye is drawn to the wonderful honeycomb effect created on the bauble. Add the lace piece to the tip of the bauble.


21 Place the metal corners to finish the project. Here the backing paper has been changed and white card has been stamped on & the edges are distressed with vintage photo ink.


22 Here is the close up of the honeycomb bauble. Not a card to post unless in a box but a lovely card to be given as a gift.



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4 Responses to Honeycomb Effect Spellbinder Bauble Card

  1. Paper Junkie says:

    Just gorgeous Suzanne. Can’t wait to get back crafting again and make it. Op went well (I’ll gloss over the pain bit), finger excercises start Monday so I’m half way through the 8 weeks of one- handedness now and feeling positive. Just as well I’ve only got two hands – I really don’t want to do this a third time!

  2. Steff Boon says:

    hi , please do you have anything on tags , like steampunk , or shabby chic too and l like the honeycomb effect it is lovely thank you steffDate: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 23:35:28 +0000 To: steff.boon@hotmail.com

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hi Steff

    I don`t really have things like tags etc as they are on a smaller scale for a full workshop but there are different inking techniques with either inks or alochol inks etc which may help – if you look in the indexed weekly workshop section at the top of the blog then it will give you an overview of every project with a clickable link to each project – there are some shabby chic things there – well I think they are but sorry not steam punk – I love that to the experts like Sam Poole & Hels
    I hope that helps a little
    Suzanne x

  4. Suzanne says:

    I`m pleased to here all went ok witht he op – and I hope the pain eases soon – just think each day you`ll be one day closer to getting back to normal
    I wish you well and you`ll be buzzing to get started i`m sure with lots of ideas
    Take care and thanks for all your support too
    Suzanne x

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