Spellbinders Shapeabilities Butterfly Filligree Recess Card


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Spellbinder Butterfly Filligree Recess Card


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Shopping List

Spellbinders Butterfly Magic Spellbinder Die :  WIZS5-153

 Distress Ink Pad – Victorain Velvet :  DPVICTORIANVELVET

 Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT – Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Ribbon Satin/Reversable Black/Silver : BM910

Cosmic Shimmer Drawing Ink Essentials Set :  CSDIESS ( Cosmic Blush Used )

Umount Beaded Elements A5 stamp plate : UMBEADED

Self Adhesive Pearls Cream 5mm : SAP5CREAM

Archival Black Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Design Ruler :TH92481

Double Sided Tape : Tape2s

or Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

 Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE


Step by Step Instructions

1  Cut a piece of white 285gsm card (or close to) measuring 13.25” x 7.5inches. Here the butterfly die has been used but the other dies in the range (lattice or botanical) can be used. This die also works well with the design elements stamp set.


2   Place the butterfly die onto the card leaving equal distance from the top and bottom edge of the landscape card. Measure the half way point on the card – 6.5/8th “.


Turn the card to a portrait position and score down edge side at 3.5cms (or 1-3/8th) & the 15.5cm (or 6- 1/8th) lines on a score board.


Turn the card to a landscape position and score across the centre point ONLY in between the just scored lines. MAKE SURE NOT TO SCORE IN SIDE PANELS JUST THE CENTRAL SPACE ONLY.


Place the die, cut side down onto the card and make sure there is equal space around the die and the embossed lines. MAKE SURE THE BUTTERFLY PATTERN IS FACING UPWARDS!!!! – I found out the hard way.


Place the prepared card with die so that the cut side of the die is facing into the cutting plate. Now cut and emboss the piece through the Grand Calibur machine.


Now add the die to the other panels with the butterfly facing towards the top again. This will not give a mirror image – to do so the flip the card over and place the die on the reverse plain panel, the embossed side will not be on the outside but the image will mirror the 1st.


8 Cut and emboss this piece but make sure that the passing of the die is stopped around the half way so the first panel embossed section doesn`t get flattened.


9 As the die is the expandable die the outer edges will need to be cut. This can be done using a craft knife or some small scissors. The design is so intricate that just cutting these pieces is very enjoyable with knowing the main images have been manually cut.


10 Once completed there will be a whole cut panel created at the centre of the recess card.


11 Here is the design showing the 2 cut out panels with a small area left all round the design. An embossed line can be made around this area to highlight the panels. Just emboss a line using an embossing board.


12 Here is the embossed line around the panel.


13 Place the centre embossed line on the A4 gatefold section of a score board and score in the 2 outer panels ONLY at the no.3 A5 gate point.


14  Continue by pulling the card to the left and place the edge of the card on the no.5 DL point and score in both the outer panels ONLY at the no.4 A4 gate point & also at the no.3 A5 gate point.


15 Place the card onto a cutting mat and working on the side panels cut a straight line from the first score line to the last score line. Repeat this on the other edge of the card.


16  Crease a mountain fold on the top 2 score lines & the central panel, then crease a valley fold followed by a mountain fold on the next 2 score points on the side edges, complete this on both sides of the card.


17 Here is the completed card base with the intricate design cut in the front & back of the card. The recess edges can now be decorated.


18 Cut 2 strips of white card to fit the side recess panels.


19  Stamp the butterfly beaded element stamp on the panels using the black archival ink and by quickly adding the clear embossing powder over the ink and then heat set the powder. Colour in the butterflies using the Cosmic Shimmer blush drawing inks.


20 Set the panel aside to dry. Add some of the Victorian velvet distress ink to the cut`n`dry foam to give a light colouring to the embossed areas of the panel.


21 Attach the butterfly panels to the recess edges of the card base using foam tape for added dimension. Here the stamped design has been carried on at the top & bottom of the design. Add some more of the blush ink to shade the butterflies.


22  Cut another butterfly design panel out of white card and cut just the butterfly to use as an embellishment. Add 3 self adhesive pearls to the left & right corner edges of the card & to the butterfly too.


23 Add a black and white bow complete the project. Having the measurements for this card along with the die will allow this project to be made quickly and will have people asking did you really make that!!!


24  Here is the side view of the card. Try using the lattice & botanical expandable dies to create different looks to this style card.



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