Romantic Rectangles Sweet / Sewing Bag


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Sweet Gift Bag Workshop


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Shopping List

 Spellbinder Romantic Rectangles : WIZS5-090

 Distress Ink Markers – Victorain Velvet :  DMVICT

& Spun Sugar : DMSPUN

 Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT – Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Compassionate Embossing Folder : EFC0723064

Umount Candy Shop A5 Stamp Plate :  UMCAND

Double Sided Tape : Tape2s

or Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Satin Reversible Pink/Brown : 148-153

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Hitch Fasteners : TH92731

 Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE & Pearl Glue: CSPEAWHGLU

A4 Card Stock : Pink & Red –  Different Ribbon Codes Available


Step by Step Instructions

Place a piece of pink card in a landscape position and score or measure at the 2cm, 5.5cms, 20.5cms & the 24.5cms points. Score right down the whole of the card.


Turn the card around and place the largest romantic rectangles die onto the card. Using the largest die means that the card can be scored at the 10.5cms point & will make 2 pouch bases out of one sheet of A4 card.


Fold the card along one of the score line so that the card can be placed in a medium guillotine. Trim the card down the centre score line just made.


Now trim off the excess card. This is the card left after the 24.5cms point.


Take the Spellbinders romantic rectangles die & place long edge on the edge of the 4cm piece of card. Secure the die with some low tac tape & run through the GC machine but only cut a small way in so that the card doesn`t get marked by the die.


Remove the card from the die & stick a piece of red card so that some of the card shows underneath the decorative edge & fits the whole of the 4cm flap.


Cut & emboss the romantic rectangles large die shape using the same pink card. Cut a panel of red card to fit just smaller than the large section of the pouch. This piece of card needed is 14.5cms x 10cms.


Place the piece of red card into the Couture Creations Compassionate embossing folder and emboss through the Grand Calibur machine.


Place the romantic rectangle shape onto the smallest tab of the card (the opposite end to the decorative cut piece) & snip the corner of the card off.


10  Repeat this on the other corner before sticking the rectangle panel onto the top of the tab using either use Cosmic Shimmer glue or wonder tape.


11  With the flap of the pouch placed over the rectangle, look to see where it hitch fastener should be placed & mark with a pencil. Use the pencil mark made on the pink card & make a hole in the centre near the top of the rectangle panel & place the hitch fastener through the hole.


12  Now screw the other half of the fastener to the screw to make the closure to the pouch. Mark where the hole is needed on the opening flap & punch a hole puncher size hole in the flap. This will ensure the hole is big enough to go over the hitch fastener.


13  Pass the hitch fastener through the hole for that neat finish to the pouch. Alternatively a Velcro pad could be used to open and close the flap.


14  Take a 5” x 7” cello bag and place a small cereal box into the bag. This will create 2 triangle pieces in the base of the cello bag.


15  Secure these triangles down with some double sided tape making the depth in the cello bag with a neat finish.


16  Place some dries clear Cosmic Shimmer glue to the bottom area of the cello bag with the cereal box still in place. Now stick the bag to the panel in between the red card & the panel with the romantic rectangle attached.


17 Once the glue is dry fill the bag with some sweets. Make sure the bag is only filled to the width of the base of the pouch.


18 Stamp some sweet images on some white card using the archival black ink & quickly add some clear embossing powder before embossing. Colour the image with the distress markers & cut the sweets out.


19  Attach a pink reversible ribbon bow above the hitch fastener & add the sweet images to the corner of the bag.

The Top edge panel can also be cut on the diagonal so more of the card below is shown – See the sewing pouch for this idea. Then add sewing images & fill the bag with sewing goodies.


 20  Here is the side view of the gift pouches. This view shows how the rectangle front panel goes up and under the decorative flap creating a lovely curve to the pouch. Have fun trying different themes. They would make a nice little gift for Christmas or maybe theme them for a children’s party.



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