Micro Bead Spellbinder Snowflake Card

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Snowflake Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Snowflake Pendant Die : WIZS4-286

That Special Touch of Mica – Snowflake Frame : MASKSNFRAME

Medium Circle Dazzlers 16MM : DAZMEDCIRCLE

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Clear Micro Beads : MICROBEADS

Tim Holtz Distress Inks  –  Old Paper : DPOLDPAPER

White Wrinkled Edge Ribbon : NK01

Double Sided Self Adhesive Film A4 (pk 5) : ADHA4

  Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE  & Double Sided Tape : Tape2s

White Pearl Card & Foundation Pearl Card Platinum A4 250gsm :  40774


Step by Step Instructions

Place the snowflake frame mask in the centre of the Grand Calibur base plate & place an A4 sheet of pearl card over the mask before adding the tan mat & pink plate. Pass the sandwich through the GC to emboss the piece.


Once embossed leave a border around the edge of the outer frame & cut the excess away to create a square snowflake frame panel.


Add some of the Tim Holtz old paper distress ink to some cut`n`dry foam. With the panel on the non stick mat start to distress the edges of the card & the over the embossed snowflake area.


4   Punch small holes in the centre of each of the snowflakes. This will create 8 holes in total which as the pattern stands will also give an even set of lines for the holes.


Take a length of the wrinkled edge ribbon & cut down an inch on one of the wrinkled edge leaving a fine needle like piece of ribbon & cut away the rest of the ribbon at an angle. Tread the ribbon in & out of the holes.


6 Tie the 2 ends into a knot before finishing the ribbon into a bow.


Take another length of the same ribbon & pass the end through the front of the card using a metal pokey tool this time as the hole will already have some ribbon through each hole. Secure the end of the ribbon on the reverse side with some tape.


Now still using the pokey tool thread the ribbon in & out of the holes so that the alternate gaps of ribbon are filled in.


Once the threading of the ribbon is complete then secure the end down on the reverse side using some more double sided tape or even use the same piece of tape that was used to tape the ribbon down at the start.


10  Starting the ribbon off by poking the ribbon up in the left hand top hole will allow the bow to sit towards the top side of the panel giving a nice flow to the border.


11 Take a piece of silver pearl card & attach a piece of the adhesive film to the front of the card. Now cut the snowflake shape out of the prepared piece. DO NOT emboss this afterwards as it will crack the film backing. Also repeat the process using a small snowflake die.


12  Remove the backing film sheet & tip over the micro beads making sure there is a tray / lid below. Press the beads into the film to ensure that the snowflake is completely covered in the beads. Now add the beads to the small snowflake die that was also cut.


13  Start to build the card by placing the snowflake in the centre of the ribbon frame & lay the panel on the 8” x 8” base card. Here there is space for a border to be added to the card & a mat to frame the panel.


14 Place lengths of the red line wonder tape around the edge of the card. Make sure not to overlap the corners of the tape as this would be seen after the micro beads have been added. This technique gives a feel of glitter card but without the expense as only a small amount of beads is used.


15 Remove the red backing of the tape & place the edge of the card into the shallow lid before tipping the micro beads over the tape. Repeat this on all edges of the card although the remaining edges can just be dipped into the beads in the lid.


16  Cut a piece of brown shimmer card so it fits up to the micro bead border & can be seen as a border to the frame piece.


17 Add foam pads over the reverse side in between the ribbon & never overlapping the ribbon so that the card will lay flat once it’s added to the brown mat of card.


18  Now add more foam pads to the brown card & add the panel to the prepared base.


19  Add the large snowflake to the centre of the card using either foam tape or some 3d glue for added dimension. Remove the star centre of the small snowflake & add both of the pieces to the snowflake using 3d glue to build the design.


20 There are different ways to finish the card off. Here a small square dazzler has been added to the knot of the bow.


21 Or alternatively add 4 small circle dazzlers to the 4 corners of the card & add a small glass glintz to the centre of the snowflake. When removing the dazzlers from the pack always pull the card away from the dazzler & it will come off the card with ease.


22  Here is a close up of the layered snowflake with the glass glintz bead to complete the design. Why not try different colour combinations of card behind the micro beads on the snowflake.



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