Tim Holtz Tissue Tape A5 Bag

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Tim Holtz Tissue Tape Bag Workshop


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Shopping List

Spellbinder Spiral Blossom One Die : WIZS4-351

                              Spellbinders Grand Labels Four Die : WIZLF-190          

Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Mister Antique Rose : CSMANTROSE 

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Tim Holtz Distress Markers

 Aged Mahogany : DMAGED – Spun Sugar : DMSPUN &Victorian Velvet :  DMVICT

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Tissue Tape Sketchbook : TH92911

Wrinkled Ribbon: White : NK01

Cosmic Shimmer Glue : CSGLUE

A3 Sheet of White Card

Double Sided Tape : Tape2s or

Wonder Tape – WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Tim Holtz Idea-ology Reinforcers : TH92905

Tim Holtz Hitch Fastener :  TH92731


Step by Step Instructions

Place the A3 card in a portrait position and score at 2cm`s & at 4cm`s from the edge. Turn the card around so the opposite side is scored using the same measurements.


Lay the card in a landscape position and score at 10cm`s & 12cm`s then at 28cm`s & 30cm`s. This project has been made with easy measurements to follow so that a score board can be used or just as by using a ruler.


On the base edge, cut up to the 2nd embossed line next to the main panel, trim away small square & the larger rectangle that formed in the corner of the card. Cut up on the diagonal to make a notch for a box tab & then cut a straight line next to the notched tab. Repeat on the other right corner panel.


4 Cut away the top left and right hand corners to the card to leave the 2 sections on the top of the project.


Crease all the fold lines inwards so the piece is starting to take shape.


Lay the Tim Holtz ruler with the `0` on the creased top right hand edge & line the 7th segment of the ruler along the top of the card. Draw a line and stop at ½”.


Draw up to the top edge from the ½” mark that has just been made. Repeat this process on the other top section, this will allow a card to be easily removed from the bag when it`s finished.


Following the measurements just made cut off the excess card. Ease the bag into shape to get an idea of the finished piece. A key area will be matching up the cut edges just made.


9   Place wonder tape on the outside tab at the bottom of the bag. Trim away some of the card to create a curved edge to the bottom tab.


10  Lift the tab up and secure the first bottom rectangle section to the tab. Repeat this on the other side.


11  Fold the bag shut and make a tab with the tape backing. Hold the top edges in place and remove the tape backing. Finally add some tape or some wet glue along the bottom tab and secure it in place.


12  Cut a matching white panel using the Grand labels 4 die. Use the die which is nearest to the width of the bag.


13 Trim the points off the labels piece to make the shape the same as the width of the bag.


14  This photo just shows how flush the panel is.


15  Take the label & measure in 6cm`s and score & then score again at 8cm`s. This will make a matching depth to the lid so it is the same as the base of the bag.


16   Add wet glue to the reverse area of the lid. Make sure that the front area of the flap doesn`t have any glue added. TOP TIP draw a faint mark to show where the glue needs to be added to.


17  Stick the flap in place and allow the piece to dry. Wonder tape can be used as it is strong enough to hold the bag in place. Optional – add ribbon the piece if wanting a handle so that the ribbon is hidden inside the lid area.


18 Here is the front or it can be the back of the bag. The decorative edge gives a lovely feel to the design.


19 Pierce a hole in the front of the flap so it just marks the bag below. Attach a hitch fastener to the underneath piece to make a closure to the bag


20  It was optional to add ribbon to make a handle & this photo just shows how it has been done this should be done when attaching the labels panel to the flap. Just tidy the ribbon ends in between the label & the bag flap.


21  Add a reinforcer to the hole made on the label flap and cut or punch out the small hole.


22 Place the flap over the hitch fastener to create a lovely closure feature to the bag.


23 Add a length of tissue tape to the top & bottom of the bag & colour in the butterflies using the Tim Holtz distress markers. Use 3 shades of pink to add depth to the image.


24 Apply the tissue tape to some 160gsm paper & cut out 2 pieces using the blossom 1 die.


25 Spritz the cut piece with the Cosmic Shimmer antique rose mister. Allow to dry or use a heat tool to speed up the process. For a more delicate feel dab the piece with some kitchen roll to remove some of the colour.


26 Roll the blossom flowers up to create the lovely 3d flowers. Add a wrinkled white bow to the corner of the bag before adding the flowers to cover the knot. Here is the completed project.


27 Here is a close up of the 3d flowers. Add a matching card to the bag. It will hold an A5 card with a depth of 2cm`s – so great for a decoupage piece or it makes a nice gift when giving a card & money. Lots of uses for the bag – maybe add a CD or DVD this list goes on.


28 A close up of the coloured tissue tape – the distress markers colour the tape so smoothly and a shaded effect can be achieved



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    I would never have thought of using tissue tape to make the flowers – beautiful! Filing this one away for when I’m mended. Thank you so much Suzanne for your good wishes – it really cheered me up.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Pleased you liked it – your comments always bring a smile to me – I hope you get better soon
    Take care
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