Creative Expressions Micro Beads & Faux Nesti & Felt Flower Stand Up Card

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Pink Stand Card Workshop


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Lattice Accent : WIZS5-106

Spellbinder Grand Scalloped Oval Nestabilites : WIFLF-111

Spellbinder Grand Oval Nestabilities :WIZLF-110

Spellbinder Flower Delight Grand Impressabilites :  WIZGI-005

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE  & Pearl Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

Anti Static Bag : ANTIST ,  Assorted Cardstock : Various Codes Available

Double Sided Tape : Tape2s

or Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Tim Holtz Distress Inks Victorian Velvet: DPVICTORIAN

Decorative Pins : PINWHITE

Vintage Seam Tape –Rose: VRSUN

Wrinkled Ribbon: White : NK01

Archival Sepia Ink Pad :  ARCHSEPIA

Umount Sincere Sentiments A5 Stamp Plate :  UMSINC

Clear Micro Beads : MICROBEADS

Double Sided Self Adhesive Film A4 (pk 5) : ADHA4

Pink Felt


Step by Step Instructions

1 Take a piece of A4 card and score it in half and then again at the A4 gatefold point. Repeat this process on a 2nd sheet of card.


Turn the card to a portrait position with the gatefold score lines lying towards of the bottom of the scoreboard. Mark at the A4 gatefold point.


3 Keep the measured point on the score line & turn the card till the half way measured point is lined on the same score line on the board. Score between the 2 points.


4 Cut the excess card off using a guillotine or a craft knife.


5 Repeat the process on the 2nd piece of card. TOP TIP Use the same markings when using double sided card or if the card is just coated on one side make sure the marking is made on the top of the board so there is a right & left hand panel so that the coated card is face up.


Crease both pieces of the card to start getting the shape of the card.


7 Take the front panel & place a labels 4 die with the half way point level with the top edge of the card. Secure in place with some low tack tape. Fold the side panel over the top of the die.


Cut the piece through the die cutting machine making sure the handle is reversed as soon as the shape has been cut. This will stop the card self embossing itself as seen in the photo.


Lay the Impressibilities panel on the base mat. Now place the card panel over the top, then the tan mat & pink embossing plate to complete the sandwich. Emboss both card panels in this format.


10  Swipe the Tim Holtz Victorian velvet ink pad over the embossed areas of each card panel to highlight the raised areas.


11  Cut 3 lattice borders out of pink felt. Attach a line of the thick wonder tape so it catches the edge of the felt and also the non stick craft mat. Start to roll & pleat the felt to create a flower bud.


12  Wrap the felt tighter to achieve a bud effect or pleat the tape& felt to make a fuller flower. Repeat the process on all 3 borders. Set aside to embellish the card later.


13 Cut a slit the width of the wrinkled ribbon on the fold of the front panel.


14 Pass the ribbon through the slit & wrap it around the back of the card & tie off in a knot at the side of the card.


15  Secure the ribbon to the back of the card to make sure the tag doesn’t get caught at this point once it’s made into a pocket.


16  Place double sided foam down the side & bottom edges of the 2nd back panel. Make sure the tape isn’t too wide at the top of the card so it is seen under the thin edge.

16 17 Remove the tape backing and place the top panel over the piece to create the pocket.


18  Attach a shabby bow made out of the rose vintage seam ribbon before applying the 3 felt roses & pins behind.


19 Place a piece of the double sided sheet to some pink card. Add a large scalloped oval die to the piece (make sure the width used will fit into the card pocket) and add a smaller oval die to save on the amount of beads used in the project. Cut & emboss the piece.


20 Place the Impressibilities mat down then the die ridge side facing upwards. Now add a sheet of white card, then the tan mat & pink embossing mat. Pass through the machine.


21  The embossed oval will be used as a faux nesti to allow the shape to cover over the cut hole on the scalloped tag.


22  Cut around the outer embossed line which has been impressed onto the card. Use the blades of the scissors to roughen the edge of the faux nesti.


23  Swipe the Victorian velvet pad over the oval panel to highlight the piece. This photo shows how the faux nesti covers the cut oval piece, leaving a double sided oval ready for another project.


24  Remove the backing from the scalloped piece & place it into the micro beads. This process can be omitted from the project by leaving off the double sided sheet on the pink card.


25  Cut another large scallop shape in white card. Attach the micro beads panel down using some Cosmic Shimmer glue. Pierce a hole through the top of the tag.


26  Mount the embossed faux oval onto the pink base using double sided foam along with some C/Shimmer glue to ensure a strong hold to the micro beads.


27 Stamp a sentiment using the archival sepia ink pad. Cut & emboss the piece using a small oval die.


28 Attach the sentiment to the tag. Finish the piece with a loop & bow to the top of the tag. Add the tag to the pocket of the stand up card to finish project.


29  Here is the oval panel which can be adapted to suit any occasion.


30  Here is a close up of the co-ordinating tag along with the felt flowers & bow.



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