Cosmic Shimmer Drawing Ink Bodice Workshop


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Cosmic Shimmer Green Dress Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Lattice Motifs: WIZS5-107 & Lattice Accents:  WIZS5-106

Umount Vintage Lingerie A5 Stamp Plate :  UMVINTLING

Cosmic Shimmer Mister Blue Lime : CSMBLU & Peacock Green Mister : CSMPEA

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT – Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Double Sided Tape : Tape2s

or Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Anti Static Bag : ANTIST , Assorted Cardstock : Various Codes Available

Vintage Seam Tape – Teal : VRTEAL

Cosmic Shimmer Stackable Watercolours

 Lavender Shine: CSWPLAV, Holly Leaf :CSWPHOLLY & Indian Peacock :CSWPPEA

Cosmic Shimmer Black Sparkle Embossing Powder : EMBBLKSPAR

Cosmic Shimmer Tropic Violet Ultra Thick : CSUTVIO

Perfect Medium : PERPADCL

Tim Holtz Distress Pad Dusty Concord : DPDUSTYCONC

Black Perfect Medium Pen Set : PERPENBLK

Clear Micro Beads : MICROBEADS

 Double Sided Self Adhesive Film A4 (pk 5) : ADHA4


Step by Step Instructions

1 Ink the bodice stamp up with clear perfect medium or use a black perfect medium as the embossing powder will give a different result with a different base colour. Place the black sparkle embossing powder over the ink & use a heat gun to set the powder.

2 Spritz water onto the Cosmic Shimmer watercolour pots to activate them. Leave the pots for 15 minutes before adding a small amount of water. Stir the colours to get a creamy consistency. Start to build up the colours on the bodice. As the piece is embossed the paint will repel off the lines so it is ok to paint over the embossed lines.


3 Add different colours to the bodice depending on the colour scheme. Here the theme is peacock feathers inspired by the stamp on the bodice set.


4 Spritz a piece of white card with the Cosmic Shimmer blue lime & peacock green. Allow the piece to dry or speed up the process by drying with a heat gun.


5 Apply a piece of the double sided adhesive sheet to a piece of copy paper leaving the backing on the top side of the adhesive sheet. Cut the lattice border out by running it through the die cutting machine.


6 Remove the backing off the lattice border and place it sticky side down into the micro beads.


7 Press the beads firmly into the adhesive sheet to ensure the beads are securely fixed onto the border.


8 Depending on the look required either leave the beads white or change the colour by spritzing the Cosmic Shimmer blue lime & peacock green over the beads & allow the piece to dry.


9 Cut the bodice out and apply some wonder tape to the reverse bottom edge of the bodice.


10 Cut one whole section of the lattice panel & select some vintage seam ribbon. Remove the backing off the tape and start to pleat the ribbon up and down onto the tape to create a frill effect that can be seen under the bodice.


11 Continue until the whole section is covered and ensure the ribbon has a crisp cut finish each side of the bodice.


12 Place another line of wonder tape on bottom of the bodice or use glue to attach the prepared beaded piece. Cut the small piece of the border off to follow the design shape through.


13 Here is the 2nd section of the dress. Lots of different layers can be added to make a dress effect or it could be left as is for a shorter style.


14 Spritz the shimmer mists on a piece of wrinkled ribbon to match the project. The ribbon will add length to the dress. Apply the wonder tape just behind the pleated seam tape so the tape doesn`t show through.


15 Pleat the ribbon using the same technique as before to achieve a flowing skirt effect.


16 Tear the edges of the backing paper to fit an 8” square card & then ink the edges of the lattice die using the Prefect Medium ink pad.


17 Use low tack tape to secure the die in place. It works best if the tape isn`t placed on the outside of the die as the embossing powder might stick to any residue of the tape. Cut & emboss the panel as a whole piece so that the outer edge gets the ink transferred to the edge left behind.


18 Sprinkle ultra thick tropic violet embossing powder over the inked edge & emboss with a heat gun. Use any of the embossing powders to suit the chosen colour scheme.


19 Alternatively use the black perfect medium pen to draw around the emboss frame & apply the embossing powder over ink. It is best to colour & emboss small sections at a time so the ink doesn`t dry out before adding the powder.


20 Using black or clear ink will give different effect to the embossing powder used. Now take a piece of lilac card & emboss using the new M-Bossabilities folder.


21 Make a mask by cutting the lattice frame out of some copy paper. Place the mask over the embossed piece and distress around the edge of the frame using the dusty concorde ink on some cut`n`dry foam.


22 Attach the embossed panel to the 8” square card & then add the cut panel using foam tape for added dimension.


23 Apply some 3d glue to the top & bottom area of the bodice & thin flat layer to the waist section.


24 Place the dress over the frame pressing down in the centre of the dress and leaving the top & bottom area raised. This will give a lovely shape to the dress help the colour reflect too.


25 Make a shabby ribbon by knotting 3 loops of the vintage seam ribbon into a bow and attach to the side of the card. Place a sentiment in the bottom right hand corner of the card.


26 Here is a close up of the dress. The Cosmic Shimmer range really adds to the project as the colour tones show how well the different mediums mix together to create a lovely glimmer on different surfaces. Alternatively use pinks or even all white for a more delicate feel to the piece.



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    Suzanna another masterpiece and your instructions as always are superb,I just love this card
    Ita ( I am a member of Joanna sheens forum for a long time My form name is Lutymai)

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    Thank you Ita for the kind comments
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