Star Card with a Difference

This workshop was inspired by a card made by `playingwithpaper` & she kindly said she didn`t mind if I did a workshop to share the style. I have to say once I started to play I have added my own ideas to make it easier.

The star shape gives a wonderful base for lovely papers to be used & it can be embellished to suit the different occasions.


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Star Card With a Difference Workshop


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Shopping List

Tim Holtz Retro Grunge Paper Stash :TH92823

Creative Expressions Teresa Collins 8″ x 8″ Paper Pad : CRE8X8

Cosmic Shimmer PVA Glue : CSGLUE

& Wonder Tape – WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Creative Expressions Piercing Ruler RULER or Design Ruler : TH92481

Teal Ribbon  : 373-58-04

Tim Holtz Distress InksTea Dye –DPTEADYE

 Decorative Hat Pins :  PINCREAM

Paper Roses , Lace or Fine Embroided Ribbon


Step by Step Instructions

1 Select one double sided 12” x12” piece of paper for the base card & any coordinating papers for the rest of the project.


2 Measure 1.7/8th from the top of the 12” square paper& mark this point. Repeat this measurement across the top & draw a line to link points up.


3 Trim along the line to remove the excess paper. Here a guillotine has been used.


4 Find the 6” point on the remaining piece of paper that has just been cut. As this width is 12” it will easily be found.


5 Lay the design ruler on the 6” mark & the bottom corner of the paper & draw a line in between the 2 points. Repeat this on the other bottom corner.


6 Now cut along the lines to create one large triangle. This photo shows all the cut away sections which can be used to decorate the piece later.


7 Lay the ruler along one edge, measure and pencil mark at 6 inches (the centre) Repeat this on all sides of the triangle.


8 Join the 3 points together to create an inner triangle section. All these measurements need to be exact to allow the base card to open & close perfectly.


9 Place the design ruler with the `0` on the 6” centre mark of each triangle & measure and mark 2 inches either side of this point. Repeat on all 3 sides. Alternatively on the 2nd time of making this design, why not measure 4”, 6” & 8” as this will save time as you will know the design.

9 10 Join these points together to form all the measurements for the base star card. Lightly score all the lines & rub away the pencil lines.


11 Why not make a template for this design. Make little nicks on the edge of the paper so the measurements can be easily found and again they will need to be perfectly measured to ensure a crisp finished project.


12 Back to the card. Lay the ruler on the score line and ease the paper upwards.


13 Repeat this on all of the score lines & crease the folds in place.


14 Here is the finished base shape with all the lines creased.


15 Fold the inner fold line into the centre & then fold the 2nd score line backwards to make the first of the star points.


16 Repeat this on all the remaining sides.


17 Now tuck one of the sides under the next edge & repeat on the next section until the star shape is formed.


18 Use a piece of scrap paper to make templates of the 3 panels. Cut each template slightly smaller than each shape to give a nice border to each piece.


19 Cut out all the pieces for the areas that are needed to be covered. When cutting the triangles flip the template over to get more triangles out of a small piece of paper.


20 Continue until all the shapes have been cut out. Using double sided paper means that not all the areas need be covered.


21 Distress the edges of the panels using the cut`n`dry foam & the tea dye or dark ink pad.  


22  Secure the panels onto the base card using Cosmic Shimmer glue, double sided tape or a tape runner.


23 Add a line of glue to the edge of the triangle panel & attach a decorative ribbon / lace to the piece.


24 Repeat this on all 3 outer triangles.


25  Either stamp or print a sentiment verse. Make a smaller template to allow the borders of the centre piece to be seen.


26 Stamp around the edges of the sentiment before distressing them.


27 Add a vintage ribbon bow, paper roses & hat pins to embellish the project.


28 Attach them onto one of the triangle front panels to finish the piece.


29 Here is the inside of the completed project. This style card really makes good use of small pieces of off cut paper or why not make up your own stamped & inked panels.


30 Here is the closed finished piece with the ribbon embellishment added to compliment the design.

Why not make a small packet for a gift to be added to the centre of this piece.



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  1. An amazing card and tutorial. Thank you
    Sarah x

  2. Paper Junkie says:

    This looks fun to make – thanks Suzanne.

  3. Lori Winters says:

    This is such a beautiful card that you made. I loved your cardstock selections and it is a perfect card/gift to share with my gardening friends. Thank you for sharing with us!!

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