Tim Holtz Vintage Shabby Book

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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Grand Labels One : WIZLF-161

& Spellbinder Label Four SM : WIZS4-309

JustRite Cling Shabby Chic stamp set :  JRCL02190

Wonder Tape – WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Idea-ology Paper Stash Vintage Shabby Pad :  TH92824

Wrinkled Ribbon – Edge Dusty Pink : NK19

4 Zipper Roses Pink : ZR-004

Self Adhesive Swirl Design 2 Right Facing :  SASB2RF

Tim Holtz Distress Inks : Vintage PhotoDPVINTAGEPHO

& Victorian Velvet Distress Ink Pad : DPVICTORIAN

Nick Bantock – Van Dyke Brown Pad :  BAN15529


Step by Step Instructions

1 Take one of the 12” x12” that has the sheet divided into 4 x 6” square panels. Cut horizontally across the middle of the page.


2 Score down the centre line of the cut piece. Top Tip – Score lightly & then turn the piece over a score again as this will make sure the spine won`t crack if you are a bit heavy handed with your scoring.


3 Now score in half 4 pieces of A4 160gsm pieces of white paper.


4 Select a labels 1 die that will fit within the folded square cover & place the edge of the die over the folded edge of the white card. Use low tack tape to secure the die in place.


5 Place the piece through the Grand Calibur machine. Emboss the piece for an added feature to the page. Using this technique will allow the page to have a folded edge at the spine.


6 Repeat this process on the remaining 3 pieces of white card.


7 For quickness with this project the `JustRite` Shabby Chic Labels 4  will be used as they can be stamped & then cut out using the labels 4 Nestibilities dies.


8 The stamps come on a hard covered image indexed panel complete with holes to store them in a binder.


9 Stamp the different images using the Nick Bantock brown ink pad onto some 160gsm paper. Place the labels 4 dies over the image and secure in place with some low tack tape.


10 Cut each piece out & cut just the words out on one of the pieces to decoupage it later.


11 Decide on the feel of the colours for the project. Here pinks, blacks & browns have been picked. Often laying all the pieces out makes you think of different ideas.


12 Distress the edges of the front cover using the Tim Holtz Victorian velvet ink pad.


13 Cut a panel using the labels 1 die and the same shade of paper. Glue the cut shape onto the front panel of the card.


14 Snip the pearls on the acetate to divide the swirls up into smaller pieces.


15 Lay thin strips of the pearls on the lower section of the book. This way you can completely change the feeling of the pearls.


16 Distress the edges of the pages for the book. Here cut`n`dry foam has been used for the top page and then the distress pad has been used directly onto the page on the lower piece. This just shows how you can achieve different effects from the same ink pad.


17 Place the pages into the front cover and pierce a hole through the spine of the card. Repeat this a bit further up the spine.


18 Poke the ribbon through the hole. Use a pokey tool to help the ribbon through. Pass the other end of the ribbon through the other hole.


19 Now pull the ribbons so it leaves a nice flush ribbon across the inside of the book. Tie the ends into a bow to hold all the pages together.


20 Add a small black bow under the 2 zipper roses that have been added to the centre of the swirls.


21 Distress the edges of the cut stamped images using the Victorian velvet ink pad.


22 Stick the pieces on each of the right hand side pages in the book.


23 Add the larger label to the front panel using foam tape for added dimension. Add the smaller decoupaged piece to the centre of the label.


24 Here is a close up view of the front cover. Using this technique for the book means you can add many layers of folded card to the piece. Why not add 3 groups of paper & 3 bows up the spine so the pages don`t get to bulky. The ribbon can be untied to remove any pages if needed.



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    This is lovely Suzanne – I love the zipper roses so much that I am making my own out of a box of old zips I have been hoarding. I dye the tapes with ink so can make them almost any colour. I knew they would come in handy one day!

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