Chocolate Gift Wrapper – Edgeabilities & Sam Poole`s Chocolate & Sweet Candy Stamps

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Chocolate Wrap Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Classic Triple Scallop Edgeabilities :WIZE8-003

Spellbinder Classic Petal Edgeabilities :  WIZE8-006

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 220gsm White Card & A4 card – Various Codes Available

Vintage Ribbon :  Amber Brown –VRAMBER  & Spotty Ribbon

 U-Mount Repositioning Mounting Cushion:  UMREPOST

Anti Static Bag : ANTIST

Wonder Tape – WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Tim Holtz Distress Inks : Vintage Photo – DPVINTAGEPHO

Sam Poole`s Chocolate A5 Stamp Plate : UMCHOC

& Candy Shop A5 Stamp Plate : UMCAND

 Cosmic Shimmer Mister: Red Firefly – CSMRED

 CS Drawing Inks: Metallic Set –  CSDIMET


Step by Step Instructions

1 Select the chosen gift, rectangle & square shapes work well for this project. Use the chocolate stamps or the candy shop stamps depending on the gift you want to send. Also use matching ribbons to compliment the theme.


2 Take a piece of copy paper and wrap it around the bar of chocolate. Leave a small amount of the wrapper free at each end before making a small snip where you want the design to finish. Please make sure you leave enough paper to allow for the excess card to be cut away from the die edge.

3 Unfold the copy paper and lay it onto the white 160gsm paper/ card. Cut the card to size using the template as a guide.


4 Select the Edgeabilities cut dies & insert dies and secure them in place using some low tack tape.


5 Place the card & dies through the Grand Calibur machine & then change and use the embossing mat & plate to emboss the die.

6 Once the piece has been cut it will form the base wrap for the chocolate. The next steps will show you how to make the rectangle box before coming back to the chocolate wrap.


7 Place the selected die along the side edges and cut & emboss the card through the Grand Calibur machine.


8 Lay the cut card over the square box and ease it over the side edges to create the first line & continue till all 4 sides have been marked. Use a score board to crispen the lines & this will give the project a lovely neat finish.


9 Place all the cut sweet & sentiment stamps onto one large acrylic block. Ink and stamp with the vintage photo ink pad before quickly adding some clear Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder over the ink.


10 Now heat the embossing powder as this will act as a resist when applying the Cosmic Shimmer drawing ink. Cut the entire sweets outs ready for later.


11 Tear a smaller width sheet of dotted paper to add another layer to the wrap. Distress
the torn edge directly using the ink pad on the edge.


12 Attach the paper to the card wrap & add some double sided tape to the inside edge of
the wrap. Secure the box wrap closed on the underneath.


13 Place some wonder tape close to each edge end of the dotted paper. Now ruffle the vintage seam tape onto the tape finishing the ribbon on the bottom edge of the box.


14 Tie a bow using the brown gross grain ribbon and finish by adding the coloured sweets & sentiment to the box.


15 Now back to the flat wrapper. Stamp the chocolate drops at random using the vintage photo ink pad. Take the cut`n`dry foam & distress the edges of the wrap. Go up to the edge of the decorative panel for added detail& shading.


16 With the wrap on the non stick mat, spritz the red firefly Cosmic Shimmer mist over the piece. Work from up high to give a light mist. The mist works well to co ordinate different colour chocolate bars to whatever scheme you use.


17 If the wrap has come up a bit short or you just would like to add more layers then cut
& stick two pieces of red card behind the decorative edge.


18 Again stick some tape on the inside edge before closing the wrap at the back of the bar.
Tie a lovely dotted ribbon into a bow & finish with a sentiment.


19 Here are both of the finished projects. Something quick for a small gift, maybe for the teacher or a friend. Why not cover smaller bars & add them to the Christmas tree to decorate it up. Lovely blue & teal colours can be used for a Cadburys bar. Other chocolate brands are available!!!!



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