Creative Expressions Cracker Template

It`s that time of year again when we have started

our Christmas cards ????

Then we start to think about how we are going to decorate the home.

I love bringing in the Christmas table as part of the theme &

The Christmas Cracker

 is a great way when planning the colour theme & you can tailor make

the crackers as you wish .

You`ll find lots of different workshops below to help you with ideas

You`ll find a section on the Creative Expressions workshop site to use as a reference point

& here is a link to the different stockist of the `Craker Template` subject to availability


Creative Expressions Cracker Template

Cracker Template – Printable Instructions


This section has been put together to help you get the most out of your

Cracker Template

The template has been designed so you create your own decorative cracker with whatever medium you wish

There are many different ideas within this section to help you along the way.

So if you want a special keepsake to give someone there are full instructions on how to make the box to house the cracker

Click here

for the Cracker Box workshop

& below are a few ideas using the cracker box or just the cracker


Cracker Gallery of Ideas

A gift for a friend – maybe to have a gift voucher , money or a few little gifts inside

this design uses the wonderful – Fancy Pants Whimsical 12 x 12 D/Sided Papers


Click Here for a workshop

with lots of different Tips & Techniques to help

when making up the cracker


This cracker has been made with a coffee morning or tea party in mind

The cracker needn`t have lots of goodies inside, but could include a quote or even an invite – just use and fill as you see fit


To make this cracker , take a piece of wrapping paper.

Cut to size and stick the wrapping paper to a piece of light weight paper 160gsm

using with either a mount spray , double-sided adhesive sheet or just tape positioned in the correct places

to stick it down and then cut the cracker out following the template instructions


Great for Birth Gifts or Christenings

Giving vouchers or money at Christmas or just to have made up on the Christmas table

Or anniversaries when it`s hard to find personalized items


For the `Caught in Crystal` technique

Click below for a full workshop

Marbled Christmas Cracker Template


This workshop shows how to reduce the size of the template & make mini crackers

Tatty Button Mini Crackers & Hinged Box


To enhance the cracker, you can buy the cracker snaps very cheaply and add them

into your design when making the cracker up

Have fun when making your project.

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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    I loved these last year Suzanne, but sadly no time to make them – but I have just retired so maybe this year…you never know…

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