Tatty Button Christmas Tree Pop Up Card

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Pop up tree Workshop


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Shopping List

 Tatty Button Christmas Cd Rom : TBXCD

Grand Labels 4 Spellbinder Die : WIZLF-190

Spellbinders Labels 4 Die : WIZS4-190

Vintage Seam Ribbon :  VRMOSS

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

 Tim Holtz Peeled Paint Distress Ink Pad : DPPEELEDPAINT

 Double Sided Tape : Tape2s or

Wonder Tape – WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

 Cut`n`dry Foam : FOAMCUT

  Idea ology Design Ruler : TH92481

 Eazi Score Board : EAZISCOR

A4 Red Card Stock , Low Tack Tape & Craft Knife


Step by Step Instructions

1 Print off the image you wish to use for the project. Here the Tatty Button Christmas tree
image was placed onto a blank sheet on the image composer and printed off.


Take the image and draw a straight line across the base on the image and then another line 1 inch lower. There are 2 ways of attaching this pop up tree so both have been added to the worksheet & you can decide which you would rather use.


3 Cut all around the tree and along the 2 straight lines that have just been made. Score a small line directly down the centre of the tree, using the tree pot as the guide as the top part of the tree is not central.


4 Score a horizontal line across the whole width of the white area. Cut up to the tree pot on the centre score line.


5 Crease the horizontal score line so the piece creates a tab effect for the tree to be attached to the middle of a card.


6 Fold the tree & crease the centre score line on the reverse of the tree to give the crisp finish needed to help the pop up work properly.


7 If you are using this technique then add the wood effect paper from the Tatty Xmas cd to the base & tab of the tree, this will give some grounding to the piece.


8 Apply double sided tape to the reverse tab and place the folded tree with the centre split
on the centre fold of the card & with the 2 panels stuck in a diagonal position.


9 Crease the tree again to achieve the pop up effect when the card is opened. Decorate the inside as you require.


10  Now for the other way of making the pop up centre. Score 2 pieces of A4 red card in half and trim away 4mm off the top & side edge (not the folded edge) on 1 piece folded card only.


11 Take the larger base card (inside facing up) and place the  edge of the card on the outer embossing line and score on the inner line on the eazi score board.


12  Repeat this on all 4 edges & this technique will give the card a nice feature without having the extra expense of matting on the card.


13 Take the inner smaller card and lay it in place making sure there is the small border
all around the edge of the card.


14 Trim away the lower tab as in the previous pop up instructions & lay the tree in the same position. Draw a line (in pencil) ready for the card to be cut. Make sure the image will fold up and still be within the folded area of the card.


15 Take a craft knife and make a single cut along the line to allow the tab to be passed through. Repeat this on the other line.


16 Place the tabs through the slits. This technique doesn`t give the pop up as much support as the previous way as the base of the tree is small, but it would suit a larger bottom of an image so I thought it best to add both techniques.


17 Secure the tabs on the reverse of the card using some tape.


18 Crease the tree to give it the sharpness needed for the pop up part.


19 Place double sided tape around the top, bottom & side edge of the inner card. Peel back an inch and crease it diagonally to create a tab effect. Do this on all 3 pieces of tape.


20 With the inner card placed right up to the spine & with the equal border all around
close the front cover so the tabs are revealed. Once in place pull the tape tabs.


21  Open the card up & reveal the neat finish on the inside. Repeat this process on the back panel.


22 Print the Christmas tree image out & use 3 images if you want to decoupage the tree for depth. Cut a light green mat using the Grand labels 4.


23 Now cut a larger shape in a darker green using the larger Grand labels 4 die. Attach some red satin ribbon in between the shapes & finish with a tatty vintage ribbon bow.


24 Place the tag onto the front of the card using some foam tape for dimension.


25 Print out or stamp a sentiment onto some white card. Place a small labels 4 die over the image depending on the size sentiment you have chosen & cut out the words & a larger green mat.


26 Once it`s cut & embossed, leave the die in place & ink over the edges of the piece. This will give a lovely white area to the piece & again will add dimension too.


27 Place the sentiment topper in the top right hand corner of the card so it will be revealed once the pop up tree has been opened.


28  Here is the finished front of the card to match the pop up panel inside. Try different
printed images or try using a large stamped image for a different look.



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