Edgeabilities Earring Gift Card

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Earring Edgeabilities Gift Card Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Die Labels 4 Die :  WIZS4-190

Spellbinder Classic Triple Scallop Edgeabilities :WIZE8-003

Spellbinder Classic Petal Edgeabilities :  WIZE8-006

Brown Satin Grosgrain Ribbon : 373-58-33

Vintage Ribbon Limoges Blue : VRLIM

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Wonder Tape – WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Tim Holtz Paper Pad  &  Foundations Paper : A4DOT7AN – Various Codes Available

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Lost and Found Salvage Stickers : TH92870

 Tim Holtz Vinatge Photo Distress Ink Pad : DPVINTAGEPHO

 Eazi Score Board : EAZISCOR


Step by Step Instructions

1 Select the blue papers, the salvage stickers along with the brown & blue ribbon.


2 Cut the 12” x12” page in half lengthways to form a 6”x 12” piece. Place the paper onto the Grand Calibur cut board and place a cut edgeabilitiy die & insert die face down on either end of the paper & secure them in place with some low tack tape.


3 Place the base board over the paper and secured dies and either turn the boards over or place through the GC machine to cut the paper.


4 Once the piece is cut it will look like this in the die. Leave it in place as it nice a
secure and will emboss well as there has been no movement on the piece.


5 TOP TIP : If you find that the tan embossing mat is sticking after you have placed it through the die cutting machine or the little cut pieces are left on the mat then try
swiping the tan mat with an anti static bag to help relieve the problem. Emboss the piece with the normal embossing sandwich.


6 Line the end of the decorative edge onto the first score line of the eazi score board &
score on the no.3 gatefold point.


7 Fold the score line back to create the folded panel. Now place the paper on the non stick craft mat & ink the edges using the cut`n`dry foam & the vintage photo ink pad.


8 Cut a piece of plain blue card so it just falls short of the decorative edge. This can be an A5 piece of card. Use the other 6”x12” piece of paper for another panel.


9 Place the decorative edge dies onto the edge of the blue card. Use the already cut side piece to mirror the position. Tape the dies in place.


10 Place some more dies on the 6” width piece and set both panels onto the cut board with the cut sides facing into the cut board. Both panels will have excess paper hanging out of the mats.


11 Gently feed the board and paper tails through the GC machine or alternatively just cut and emboss each piece separately, this method just saves time when cutting.


12 If the paper tears when the low tack tape is removed, then take the excess cut off piece which is shown on the right hand side of the photo. Secure it over the torn piece.


13 Now work in some of the vintage photo ink using the cut`n`dry foam pad. This will add a darker tone to the white area but it will also add depth to the finished piece.


14 Tape the plain blue card on the left hand side edge of the panel. Allow the rest of the card to remain unstuck. The card may not reach the left hand side but it will be covered by the side flap once finished.


15 Take the next edged piece & layer it up next to the previous cut edge & cut the left hand side edge to fit up to the side piece.


16 Close the flap back over the papers and punch 2 holes equal distance from the middle


17 Pass the brown grosgrain ribbon through the holes and finish them off in a bow. Here is
the base card of the project for you to finish as you wish.


18 Either stamp a sentiment or print off some words using a computer by selecting a lovely font & brown for the colour of the sentiment. Tape the labels 4 die over the
piece to ensure you cut the piece actually in the correct place.


19 Leave the die in place once it has been cut & embossed. Stamp a small swirl or flower
image over the edge before distressing the edge using the same vintage photo ink.


20 Cut another shape the same size in the blue paper & distress the edges. Turn the piece before adding it to the front of the card using foam tape for dimension. Now add the sentiment again using foam tape.


21 Use an off cut of the blue paper and score 2cms in around 3 sides of the piece leaving the top edge unscored. Place the labels 4 die over the top edge to create a fancy opening to the piece.


22 Cut the piece the GC machine and cut off the bottom corner squares.


23 Distress all the edges using the vintage ink pad.


24 Fold all the scored edges back & attach double sided tape to each edge. Fold the tape
back to make a little tab.


25 Place the pocket onto the plain piece of card layer which is secured in the card & make sure it is straight before removing the tabs to secure the piece in place.


26 Depending on what you are going to place in the pocket will determine if you need to curve the pocket to allow depth to the piece.


27 If you do want depth then score the front page to create a small ridge and this will take up the bulk of the added tag & gift.


28 Place 2 labels 4 dies to match them to the size pocket that has been made & cut a plain blue larger shape & a patterned paper smaller shape.


29 Cut the small die shape & place 2 holes to add a pair of earrings through and then add all the layers to the card. Punch a hole through the top and add some brown grosgrain ribbon to the piece. Place a salvage sticker over the piece & ring the date of the birthday to add to the detail when sending.


30  Here is the completed project which can be made in so many different colour variations to suit the time of year you are sending it.


31 Here is a close up of the pages. Why not add a gift card in the pocket to make it an attractive gift for someone to receive.



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