Edgeabilities Wider Wedding Gift Bag & Voucher / Cash Wallet Workshop

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Wedding Gift Bag & Voucher Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Die Petite Oval Large Nestabilities : WIZS4-138

Spellbinder Classic Triple Scallop Edgeabilities :WIZE8-003

Spellbinder Classic Petal Edgeabilities :  WIZE8-006

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Create- A -Swirl A5 Stamp Set : UMCREATE

U-Mount Repositioning Mounting Cushion:  UMREPOST

Foundation Pearl White 250gsm Card : 40188

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE  & Pearl Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

White Wrinkled Edged Ribbon : VRPINK

Anti Static Bag : ANTIST

Decorative Pearl Hat Pins :  PINWHITE

  Tim Holtz Victorian Velvet Distress Ink Pad : DPVICTORIAN

Double Sided Tape : Tape2s or

Wonder Tape – WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available



Step by Step Instructions

Take the gift or card you wish to make the bag with & lay it onto 2 pieces of A4 pearl
card. Take the edgeability dies and place them onto the paper along with the oval die for the handle feature of the bag. Use the full length of the card as you will need a large surface for the 8” x 8” card.


2 Secure the dies in place using some low tack tape. Have both sheets of card are positioned behind the dies to ensure the exact shapes are cut on both layers. You may need to use the Grand Calibur embossing plate if the card is thick as you DO NOT want to force any plates through the GC machine.


3 The first layer will be cut perfectly and the 2nd layer will have an impression left on
the sheet so align the edges back in place.


4 Cut & emboss the 2nd sheet of card through the Grand Calibur to give you the same cut shapes as the first sheet of card.


5 Cut a piece of pink paper/ card using the same top edge dies but make sure you raise the top cut edge up a little so the pattern will be matched up and the pink edge will protrude giving a contrast edging.


6 Stick the panel on the reverse of the bag & cut any excess showing in the oval handle section.

7 Place the front panel onto the eazi score board and score 2 lines just under the oval handle & repeat the lines just above the bottom decorative border.


8 Using the same technique as in the ` Spellbinder Rose Creations – Elegant Card ` Workshop where you use the double lines to score and then move the line to the left & re score again until you have competed the panel in both directions.


9 Place a small dot of the pearl cosmic shimmer glue in each of the cross over areas. Allow the glue to dry before working on the piece. Repeat this on the 2nd panel if you wish.


10 For the sides and base of the bag structure, take an A4 sheet of card and divide it into 3 sections – this can be done using the DL score line on the board. Now score ¾” in on both sides’ edges of the card or use the box 1 score line.


11 Once all 3 pieces of card have been scored you can decorate the pieces to match the theme for the project. Here the swirl stamp with the Victorian velvet ink pad has been used.


12 Stick the bottom of the decorative front panel to the ¾” tab of 1 of the end panels. Trim away the small excess to make the edge flush.


13 Make sure the decorative edge is just touching the bottom of the folded base. Here the edge has been distressed beforehand with the V/Velvet ink pad.


14 Repeat this by sticking the 2nd back panel to the other tab of the same base panel. Now both front & back panels have been added & the inside will look like this.


15 Take both stamped side panels and apply wonder tape down both tabs on the piece.


16 Stick the tab to the inside edge of the bag making sure the bottom edge is flush with the base panel. It may be helpful to practice this whilst the tape still has the backing on.


17 Remove the tape backing and line the tab up again with the box base.


18 Lift the bag front up and secure it in place.


19 Score another sheet of A4 card in 3 using the DL measurements. Place the chosen decorative inserts and edge dies in place before cutting through the GC machine.


20 Once cut & embossed stamp the swirl design using Victorian velvet ink pad on the inner flap for added detail.


21 Score a line above the decorative insert point and add the lattice effect to the front panel to coordinate with the card & rose creations card.


22 Tape down the 2 outer edges to form a pocket effect. Now a gift voucher or money can be added. This project makes an elegant gift when not wanting to just send a card & money.


23 Decorate the front of the box bag with pleated vintage ribbon & finished with a shabby bow & decorative pins. Repeat the same feature on the front of the money wallet.


24 Here is a close up of the box bag & the money wallet. The measurements can be made larger or smaller depending on the size bag you wish to make. Use a hitch fastener to secure the bag closed.


25 Here is a view of the `Rose Creations` card and the gift wallet. A perfect project for a wedding, Christening or a special Christmas gift.


26 Here you can see the side panel with the stamped feature. Alternatively a panel of paper could be used instead.



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