Edgeabilities Gift Bag

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Edgeabilities Bag Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Die Petite Oval Large Nestabilities : WIZS4-138

Spellbinder Classic Triple Scallop Edgeabilities :WIZE8-003

Spellbinder Classic Petal Edgeabilities :  WIZE8-006

Mask A4 Autumn Leaves That Special Touch: MASKA4AUT

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet –  300mm x 400mm : CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Autumn Foliage A5 Stamp Sheet : UMAUTUMN

Wonder Tape – WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

 Tim Holtz Peeled Paint Distress Ink Pad : DPPEELEDPAINT ,

 Fired Brick  DPFIREDRED & Brushed Corduroy : DPBRSHDCORD

Vintage Ribbon Amber Brown : VRAMBER & Moss Green :VRMOSS

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Tim Holtz Idea-ology Reinforcers : TH92905

Tim Holtz Hitch Fastener :  TH92731

Floral Dream 1AD A4 D: A4FLOR1AD

Brown Shimmer Card 285gsm


Step by Step Instructions

Take the gift you wish to make the bag with & lay it onto 2 pieces of A4 paper /
card. Here a spotted paper has been used. Take the edgeability dies and place
them onto the paper along with the oval die for the handle feature of the bag.


2 Secure the dies in place using some low tack tape. Have both sheets of thick paper positioned behind the dies to ensure the exact shapes are cut on both layers. You may wish to reverse the 2nd sheet depending on which pattern you require on the reverse.


3 Layer the base plate, the die & paper & then the cut plate through the Grand Calibur machine to cut the panels.


4 Now take the base plate and place the A4 mask on top, and then the taped on dies with the paper on top (make sure the dies are in the correct position so they emboss perfectly). Now place the tan mat over the paper before finishing with the pink embossing mat. Place the sandwich through the die cutting machine.


5 Remove the plates to reveal the paper, dies & mask. It is optional to leave the spellbinder dies out and to emboss the whole paper without the dies but this way you get the added embossed detail around each die.


6 Pierce out any remaining small pieces from the die cut with a pokey tool, they are already cut but are sometimes they are left in the shape as it is so detailed.


7 Place the mask back over the embossed shape. Use the cut`n`dry foam & the fired brick ink pad to distress & add colour to sections of the mask.


8 Now take the brushed corduroy ink pad and continue to build up the colour on the paper
before finishing off with the peeled paint ink for some lovely autumnal colours.


9 Depending on the way the 2nd sheet of paper was embossed will determine whether
you have an embossed or debossed 2nd sheet. Here peeled paint ink has been used the highlight the debossed leaves.


10 Trim away 1.5inches on an A4 sheet of card (this is if you are wanting the bag size for the malteasers) & the size if using the width of the A4 sheet.


11 Use the width of the embossed panel as a guide to the length of the box base & emboss equal widths either side of the panel using the no.2 score line (1”)


12 Here the Eazi Score board has been used using the box 2 mark (1”) & then scoring at no.4 & no.5. This will give you an all-round measurement of 1” box base.


13 As the card is to long to cut on the medium size guillotine then keep the 2 embossed ends folded back and trim away at the 2nd embossed line.


14 Cut `v` notches into the corner pieces of the box base.


15 Place some cosmic shimmer glue on the top outside flaps on all 4 corners of the box base.


16 Pull the sides up and secure them flush with the box edges. Place some pegs over the tabs to hold them in place whilst the glue sets.


17 Once the base is dry add some glue to the inside bottom of the embossed panel. Make sure you work around the delicate design & don`t add to much glue.


18 Place the panel on the outside of the base box. It is optional to add another smaller panel to the other side of the panel. Use the decorative edge to compliment the design.


19 Make sure the edge doesn`t go above the oval handle.


20 Now repeat the same process on the 2nd panel to complete the sides of the bag.


21 Add a hitch fastener to the back panel of the bag and then add a reinforcer to the front panel. Punch a hole in the centre of the reinforcers.


22 This will allow the hitch fastener to be placed through the hole to close the bag shut. Offsetting the top edge gives you extra detail.


23 Stamp some of the leaves onto some excess of the dotty paper. Swipe the ink pad directly over the image working in both green & red to give a quick blended result. Cut the leaves out.


24 Add a line of wonder tape across the front of the bag. Now start the pleating effect using the moss green vintage seam tape ruffling it as you slick it down.


25 Add the oval die shape left over from the handle and attach a stamped sentiment to the bag using foam tape for dimension.


26 Add a shabby bow made from 4 knotted loops of the amber brown vintage tape & attach the leaves around the bow.


27 Stamp at random over a piece of green tissue paper using the leaf stamp & the brown, red & green ink pads.


28 Wrap the gift & finish the parcel with a vintage bow to complete the look. A useful project giving you ideas to make lots of different size bags to compliment any project, why not make a wedding bag to give a lovely card.


29 Here the wrapped present is seen but a side panel could easily be added to hide the
contents. Why not make a tri fold DL card & use the Edgeabilities die to cut 1 edge before adding a gift voucher or money along with the gift.



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