Tatty Button `Welcome Home ` Easel Card

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Tatty Easel House Workshop


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Shopping List

Tatty Button  Cd Rom  : TBCD

 Spellbinder Classic Scalloped Large Circle : WIZS4-124 &

Spellbinder Foliage : WIZS4-328

Vintage Seam Ribbon :  VRMOSS

Eazi Score Board : EAZISCOR

Wonder Tape –  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad – Victorian Velvet :  DPVICTORIAN

– Brushed Corduroy : DPBRUSHED

Idea ology Design Ruler :  TH92481

Sticky Thumb Tape Runner : STICKY

Ideaology Hitch Fastener : TH92731

 Paper Flower Embellishments , Two 8×8 cards Blanks & Various Card Stock


Step by Step Instructions

1 Select the Tatty Button image & flower pots onto a blank sheet on the creator side of the cd. Print off the images onto an A4 sheet of light card.  Start another blank sheet  & add 2 of the brick wall images & rotate one of them so you have a wider wall panel. Add 2 fence panels side by side & print off 2 sheets of the wall & fence sheet.


Take a folded 8” x 8” card and score down the centre of the card using the `DL` point. Crease and fold this line down to create the base of the easel card.


3 Take another piece of card measuring 8” x 8” and mark with a pencil at `DL` line and then turn the card  and mark at the top & bottom of the card. Now join the measured
points to make the house base shape.


4 Cut away the excess card. The card shape will now fit perfectly on the easel base card that was first made. Do Not fix this together at this point as it is easier to decorate the flat piece of card.


5 Trim away the grass section on the printed sheet to leave just the brick section of the card.


6 Stick the brick card horizontally onto the house shape of card. Leave a small white edge to the side and bottom edge of the house & ink the brick edge before attaching to the card if you want a distressed look.


7 Stick the 2nd piece of brick card to the top of the house base and then turn over the card
and trim away the excess brick card using the roof edge as a guide.


8 Cut 2 rectangles shapes – the largest shape measuring 11cms x 6.5cms & the smallest 92mms x 53mms to create a layered door. Trim the fence so it fits either side of the door. Once measured cut out all the white areas on the fence panel.


9 Distress the edges of the door using the cut`n`dry foam & the brushed corduroy ink pad. Raise the smaller door panel onto the base door with foam pads & attach a hitch fastener for the door handle. Also distress the fence panels using the same ink. Always work on a non stick mat when using the distress ink and apply the ink starting on the mat for a softer application of ink.


10  Cut 2 lengths of pink paper to 2.5cms wide and punch a pretty edge to the paper or use the Spellbinder border die to create a lovely effect to the edge. Stick the first piece onto the edge of the roof using foam tape. Place foam tape on the other piece of paper but just use double sided tape on the top corner as this will overlap on the roof top.


11 Attach the 2nd piece onto the roof edge to start creating the roof top.


12 Cut a piece of white card to 5cms x 16cms & another piece of card to 5cms x 17.5cms.
Stick the pieces of card 1cm down on the reverse side of the roof top, this will create a base to build the layers on. Alternatively cut the first pink layer wider to create the base to work on.


13 Place a strip of the wonder tape just above the pink border and remove the red backing off the tape. Start to ruffle the vintage seam tape onto tape until you have completed both strips of tape.


14 Cut 2 strips of light brown paper to 2.5cms x 17.5cms. Distress these pieces if you wish before adding them to card. Attach these pieces using foam tape and making sure you allow the ruffles to show from underneath. Trim away any remaining white card that has been used as the extension of the roof.


15 Apply double sided tape or use the tape runner to add adhesive to the front half of the
easel card. Place the house base onto this piece leaving the back panel free of tape to allow the easel section to work.

15  16 Cut 2 of the `Tatty Button` images out, decoupaging the 2nd layer. To fit Tatty to scale so she fits next to the door you may need to cut away part of her legs, but by adding the shoes back on will make the image look normal again. Alternatively use the Tatty Button stamp & colour the image yourself.


17 Place the door & fence panel in place using some 3d glue before adding the cut out Tatty Button & flower pots.


18 Cut a piece of grass like card to 19cms x 19cms. Fit this on the inside of the card using the tape runner.


19 Print a `Welcome Home ` message on a piece of light card and place a scalloped circle
die over the top and secure in place with low tac tape. Cut out another larger circle using a brown piece of paper/ card.


20 Keep the cut shapes in there dies & distress the sentiment piece using the Victorian velvet ink pad.


21 Use foam tape to layer the pieces together before adding it in front of the door. The doormat will act as the stopper for the easel card so it also needs to be raised.


22 Cut some leaves using the foliage dies & some green card.


23 Make a bow by knotting 4 loops of the vintage seam tape & place it on the point of the roof. Wind & glue the leaves up the side of the house & also add some leaves around the stopper on the inside of the card before adding some paper flowers to complete the piece.


24 Here you have the completed project. You could use this idea to make a `Congratulations on your New Home `, A` Good Luck` card or a `Sorry you are leaving ` card or even make it using Christmas colours.

This list could go on and on. Have fun.


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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    This is just delightful Suzanne – and as I now have the CD I will try and do this Justice. I love the way you have decorated the eaves with the punched card and ribbon – so clever.
    Thanks again for another great tutorial.

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