Spellbinder & Cosmic Shimmer Glittered Jewel Snow Shaker Card

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Spellbinder Snow Shaker Card Workshop


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Shopping List

 Umount – Winter Wonderland A5 Stamp Plate : UMWONDER

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Spellbinder Snowflake Pendant :WIZS4-286  & Petite Oval Large Die:  WIZS4-138

Olive Green Wrinkled Edge Ribbon  : NK16

Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels :  CSGJICECRY

Decorative Hat Pins – Three Crystal Bead Pin : PINCRYSTAL

 Tim Holtz Distress Inks – Peeled Paint : DPPEELEDPAINT

 Perfect Medium  : PERPADCL

Cosmic Shimmer Aurora Sparkle Embossing Powder : CSEPAURORA

Cosmic Shimmer Golden Meadow Embossing Powder : CSEPGOLMEA

 Wonder Tape –  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Artist Spackle : ECARTSPAC

CS Sparkle Glitter – Iced Lime : CSGICEDLIM

  Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Foam Tape & Green Glitter Card


Step by Step Instructions

1 When wanting to make a mat for the base card, place the card the required distance away from the top & side edge. Snip at the some measurement away on the opposite ends top & bottom and use these marks to trim away the excess card on a guillotine. This will give a neat finish to your work.


2 Trim a piece of card to make the panel for the shaker. Here a sheet of pearl card has been
cut to 7 ¾”  x 4½”. Cut the small snowflakes at random out of the card making sure you do not cut over the outer edge.


3 Stamp a small snowflake at random over the card using the perfect medium ink pad and
emboss with the Cosmic Shimmer aurora sparkle embossing powder.


4 Place wonder tape around all of the edges on the reverse side of the card. Trim a piece of
acetate to size and attach the acetate to the wonder tape.


5 Cut thin strips of foam tape and place them around each snowflake. Make sure there are not gaps for the jewels to fall though.


6 If you spot the odd gap then use some cosmic shimmer glue to plug the hole. Cut a piece of silver mirri card slightly larger than then piece you are working on.


7 Place some of the glittered jewels into the centre of each snowflake and gently push them
down with your finger, this will make sure the jewels don`t stick to the foam pads.


8 Carefully peel off the backs of the foam tape and place the silver mirri card over the
piece to capture the jewels within.


9 Place the large snowflake through the die cutting machine using just the base plate,
embossing mat and pink board. Repeat this at random over the base of the 8” x 8”card.


10 Cut and emboss the large snowflake and keep the card in the die. Swipe the artist
spackle over the die and then remove the die. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you clean the spackle off your die & craft mat straight away – it will come off easily if cleaned before it has time to set.


11 Sprinkle the iced lime glitter over the spackle and tap off the excess glitter. Set the piece aside to dry.


12 Cut an oval of green glitter card or make your own using dark green glitter. Stamp and
emboss the sentiment. Top Tip: On 1 of the sentiments a small amount of embossing powder has been caught on the piece, use this as the base piece.


13 Cut the sentiment curving around the edge of the design and then cut the 2nd
sentiment following the inner embossed line. Mat that piece over the marked
piece to cover it up & add the topper to the green glitter card using foam tape & some glue. Stick the sentiment to the snowflake piece.


14 Distress the edges of the base card using the cut`n`dry foam & the peeled paint ink pad, this will highlight snowflakes. Now attach the snowflake shaker panel to the
side of the card using foam tape to raise the piece up. Place a piece of the wrinkled edge ribbon around the spine of the card before finishing in a bow.


15 Pierce 2 of the decorative crystal pins through the knot in the bow to ensure the points of the pins are covered. If you require shorter lengths to the pins place them further through the knot and place the ends into some silicone glue that can be placed behind the ribbon.


16 Cut a small piece of light green card & emboss a straight line on the edge of the piece. Place the prepared topper onto the card using foam tape to layer the piece.


17 Here you have the completed project using a few different techniques. The silver mirri card behind the glittered jewels gives a lovely feel to the piece.

Why not try different colour combinations to suit your theme this year, maybe tones of purples or pastel colours would look nice or even black & white.



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  1. Sheila - ginger says:

    Suzanne this is stunning and I love the way you did more than one shaker part to the card. Thank you so much for sharing your clever idea with us. A great idea to keep in my mind.

    Love Sheila xx

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