Tim Holtz Glassine Paper & Tissue Paper Flower

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Tim Holtz Glassine Paper & Tissue Papper Flowers Workshop


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Shopping List

Eco Green Garden Chic Stamp Plate : ECRSGARD

Classic Frame Spellbinder : WIZS5-012

Tim Holtz – Glassine Paper :TH92916

Tim Holtz Sketchbook Tissue Tape : TH92911

Polka Dot Mask – That Special Touch :MASKPOLKA

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Tim Holtz Distress Inks  – Tumbled Glass : DPTUMBLED

  & Vintage Photo : DPVINTAGEPHO

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Tim Holtz Shabby Vintage Paper Pad

Cosmic Shimmer Glue : CSGLUE

Clear Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR

Tissue Paper & Brads


Step by Step Instructions

1 Take a piece of the glassine paper and depending if you want a plain finish to the paper then cut the classic frame out of the top section of the paper.

2 If you want a polka dot effect then place the paper over the polka dot mask & place through a die cutting machine following the instructions given to emboss.


3 Once the glassine paper has been embossed then move the mask down to emboss the lower part of the paper. Leave the already embossed part out of the die cutting machine so it doesn`t flatten on the 2nd pass.


4 Place the glassine paper over the Tim Holtz vintage shabby paper and select the pattern to co-ordinate with the project. Trim the paper so you leave a 0.5“  border of the shabby
paper from the glassine edge.


5 Secure the classic frame die in the centre of the glassine paper using some low tac tape. Keep the shabby paper underneath with the border showing and cut through the die cutting machine.


6 Once the piece has been cut you will be left with the matted frame and also 2 frames and
2 rectangle shapes to use for another project.


Use the cut`n`dry foam with the vintage photo ink pad to distress the edges of the shabby paper.


8 Place the cosmic shimmer dries clear glue to the reverse of the glassine paper and stick it to the prepared shabby paper. This glue will give a strong hold to the glassine paper. Clear glue is used as the glassine is semi- transparent.


9 Take a piece of plain card a bit bigger than the frame aperture. Attach strips of the tissue tape horizontally across the card making sure you go slightly over the edges with the tape.


10 Fold the excess edges of the tape around the back of the card and press them to secure them down.


11 Depending on the colour finish you require, swipe the chosen ink colour over the tissue tape to colour the piece. Set this aside till later.


12  Wipe the anti static bag over a sheet of the glassine paper and then stamp 4 butterflies onto the paper using the archival ink pad. Working quickly, apply the cosmic shimmer clear embossing powder over the images.


13  Use a heat gun to set the embossing powder.


14 Trim around the butterflies using a small pair of scissors or decoupage snips. Cut 2 whole butterflies out and 2 just using the top wings of the butterfly. Curve the wings with the scissors to give dimension to the wings.


15 Cut a folded base card so it`s 0.5”`s larger than the shabby vintage panel. Stick
the butterfly tissue tape around the edges of the card to create a lovely border.


16 Apply tape to the reverse of the coloured tissue tape topper & hold it behind the
frame to know where it needs to be placed before securing it in place on the base card.


17 Place some foam tape or pads on the back of the frame panel before attaching it over the tissue tape panel.


18 Stick the 2 butterflies at an angle in the frame using the cosmic shimmer glue. Add the wings to the butterflies using some 3d glue to raise them up.


19 Here are some additional effects when using the glassine paper:
Scrunch the paper up in the palm of your hand.


20 Unravel the paper and swipe the vintage photo ink pad over the paper to colour the lighter cracked lines.


21 The glassine paper also works well with printing images using a standard inkjet printer. Just make sure you do not touch the ink as it comes off the printer & then heat set the image using a heat gun for a few seconds to make it permanent.


22 Back to the project!!! To make the tissue tape flower, punch a small circle from a piece of card, or if you don`t have a punch use the inside of a roll of tape as a guide for the circle.


23 Fold some plain white tissue paper into 4 width ways then trim 1cm strips off.


24 Attach the white tissue to the top of the tissue tape. This will stop the adhesive
sticking on the reverse frill of the flower.


25 Use the sticky part of the tape & catch the edge of the tape onto the circle. Pleat the tape as you make your way around the circle.


26 Continue until you have the whole circle outer edge complete.


27 Repeat this process on the inner space of the circle. Once you have finished fluff the edges of the frill up as they will not stick due to adding the tissue paper to the edges. Finish the flower with a brad or an idea-ology embellishment in the centre.


28  Place the tissue tape flowers to the right hand bottom of the frame.


29 Here is a close up of the butterflies. The embossed effect on the glassine gives a lovely feel to the paper. You can make up your own backing papers by stamping & embossing on a flat surface.


30  Here is the completed project. Try using different colour inks and backing paper pads for a different look to the project. The tissue tape can also be inked to change the colour of the flower.


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  1. jenmonteiro says:

    Love it, thanks for the tut and ideas for using the glassine paper. They look brilliant and the stamping idea has really sent my creative streak into overdrive he he. Now to buy some quickly before the ideas disappear into the depths of my brain, as nothing comes back out of there he he 🙂
    Jen x

  2. Paper Junkie says:

    Suzanne – this is right up my street. Just love it – and not a bit of pink in sight! Time to get out my classic frame again, a really good investment.

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