Spellbinder Pouchette Wedding Invitation Matching Bag

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Spellbinder Pouchette Wedding Invite Bag Workshop


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Shopping List

Pouchette Shimmerlux Diamond White – PS145PDW

Pouchette White 155 x155 Envelope : PS155EDW

White Ribbon Sheer Wrinkled Edge – 1.5″ – NK01

Cosmic Shimmer Ribbon – Solid 2 Tone Purple & Green : KN07

Three White Pearl Bead Pin : PINWHITE

Idea ology Design Ruler :  TH92481

Mr & Mrs A5 Wedding Stamp Plate : UMMR

Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK


Cosmic Shimmer Silver Shine Metallic Embossing Powder : CSEPSILMET

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Grand Labels One Die : WIZLF-161

Paper or Parchment for Wedding Details


Step by Step Instructions

1  Find the centre of the A4 card by placing the design ruler onthe A4 card making sure the end measurements are the same. The centre point will be where at the `0` point is on the ruler. The top of the invite will fit just over the top edge of the bag; this is so it can be easily pulled out of the bag.


2 Once you have found the centre of the card, you need to make the measurement of ¾ of an inch; this can be done by using the small markings on the ruler. Use the 3rd line which will be the placed on the centre mark of the card and then score at either side at `0` & ¾”


3 Turn the card to a portrait position & score ¾” down the full length of the card. Place invitation a few mm`s in from the left hand side & first middle score line (this will give the invitation a little room to be put in). Allow another few mm`s from the right hand side of the invitation & measure ¾”. Score down both the first  measurement & trim off the excess card on the outer measurement.


4 Crease all the score lines. Now working on the centre section: cut a straight line to the first score line. Then cut a diagonal line to meet the previously cut line, this will make a notch ready for making the bag up. Repeat this so you have all 4 sides of the centre section complete.


5 Make a small hole 2” in on the score line on the bottom edge of the front of the bag panel & also 2 inches up on the side front edge. Place a piece of the white wrinkled ribbon through the holes & tie into a bow. Wrap a piece of the coloured ribbon around the knot of the white ribbon and finish in a bow.


6 Stamp 2 of the elegant shapes from the Mr & Mrs stamp plate. Use the Perfect
Medium ink pad or archival ink pad & emboss with the silver embossing powder. Cut the 2 panels out leaving a small amount of the card showing to ensure the embossed edge remains unbroken.


7 Score down the centre of the embossed shape. Now pierce a hole at an equal distance apart from centre embossed line.


8 Lay the 2nd shape underneath the shape that has just had the holes made in and use it as a template to pierce through the holes into the 2nd piece of card.


9 Take 2 piece of the wrinkled ribbon and thread them through the holes until you have the loops at the same height.


10 On the reverse secure the ends of the ribbon down using the strong wonder tape & cut the remaining ends off the ribbon so it isn`t bulky underneath.


11 Place 2 more strips of the wonder tape on either edge of the piece and use glue to ensure the panel sticks firmly to the bag.


12 Stick the panel in place on the top edge of the bag making sure the centre score line is level with the edge of the bag. Secure the other side of the panel on the inside of the bag.


13 Repeat this on the other edge of the bag. It might be easier to have the panel folded in first place and place the fold on the edge of the bag & stick it down.


14 Place a small amount of glue or wonder tape on the outside of the tab and bring the bottom edge of the bag up and secure in place. Repeat this on the other edge of the bag.


15 Attach a length of the wonder tape down both edges of the inside of the long tab of the bag. Fold the bag up & place the edges down onto the sides of the bag.


16  Place the invitation inside the bag with the wedding wording to the top of the bag.


17 Finish the bag by placing 2 of the pearl hat pins into the centre of the bows. Place a small amount of 3d glue if you do not want the pins to be removed or you want the sharp ends to be covered.


18  Here is a photo of the pouchette invitation that will co-ordinate with the bag.


19  Full details of the workshop & a piece about starting making Wedding Invitations can be found by clicking the link here

or on the Creative Expressions weekly workshop.


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