Pouchette & Spellbinder Elegant Wedding Invitation – Complete with Hat Pin Feature

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Elegant Wedding Invitation  Workshop


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Shopping List

Pouchette Shimmerlux Diamond White – PS145PDW

Pouchette White 155 x155 Envelope : PS155EDW

White Ribbon Sheer Wrinkled Edge – 1.5″ – NK01

Cosmic Shimmer Ribbon – Solid 2 Tone Purple & Green : KN07

Three White Pearl Bead Pin : PINWHITE

 Idea ology Design Ruler :  TH92481

 Mr & Mrs A5 Wedding Stamp Plate : UMMR

Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK


 Cosmic Shimmer Silver Shine Metallic Embossing Powder : CSEPSILMET

 Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Grand Labels One Die : WIZLF-161

 Paper or Parchment for Wedding Details


Step by Step Instructions

Crease all 4 edges of the pouchette. Close up the bottom flap & then the 2 side flaps. Punch a small hole in the centre edge of each side flap. Have the top flap laying flat ready for stamping.


2 Optional: Stamp and emboss the sentiment on the top flap with silver embossing powder. Stick the flap down to the back of the pouchette; this will give a nice touch
to the finished piece.


Fold an A4 card in half and place the 3rd from smallest labels 4 die over the edge of
the card (ridge side down), tape the die onto the card. This technique gives you a folded card once it`s been through the die cutting machine. Stamp & emboss the `wedding invitation` sentiment in silver onto the pearl paper.


4 Cut & emboss the wedding sentiment piece of silver shimmer paper using the 2nd
from smallest grand labels 1 die. Attach a piece of the 2 tone ribbon around the paper and finish with a bow on the front. Add the piece to the base card using foam squares.


5 Place the invite into the centre of the pouchette & then place 1 length of the white
crinkled ribbon & 1 length of the 2 tone ribbon through the 2 holes in the pouchette.


6 Pull the ribbon till the pouchette closes and tie the white ribbon off into a bow. Once you have the white bow in place then tie the 2 tone ribbon into a smaller bow & trim the ends off to a point. The top of the invite will show up as a feature in the top of the pouchette.


7 Decorative pins are now added to the centre of the ribbon knot. Optional: use a small amount of gel glue to poke the pin points into so they can`t be removed.


8 Here is the completed invitation. Something simple yet elegant and remember to keep things simple if doing a large quantity of invitations


9 A close up of the 3 headed pearl pins. They have just been pushed into the knot of the ribbon.

 10 Stamp & emboss the champagne glasses onto the pearl paper. Cut out and attach them to the bottom corner of the invitation for added detail.


11 Work with the bride to find the wording that suits her. Examples of mock up wedding invitations can be found on the computer or in a bridal book. Select the words required and print onto parchment or hammered paper.


12 To create the folded look, place the paper over the invitation base and fold & crease the top edge.


13 Again using the base card as a guide, fold up the bottom edge of the invitation.


14 Make a snip when you know where the invitation has overlapped & trim the excess paper. Line up the sides and trim the excess side waste off to create the invitation.


15 Stamp & emboss the glasses onto a small square of lilac card & stick it to the top flap. This will draw the recipient’s eye when opening the invitation to see the wedding details.


16 Don`t forget the nice touch of a printed name to the invite for an added fee. The receiver will feel extra special having a printed invitation & it saves the bride a lot of work not having to write all the names out.


17 This photo shows how the ribbon has been used to pick up a bridesmaids colour & the hat pins are used to add that special touch to the piece. The hat pins all have 3 beads on each pin & alcohol ink can be used should you wish to change the colour of the beads to co ordinate the invitation further. Why not extend the elegance and make a matching bag for the main bridal party. This bag is quick and easy to make and full instructions will be given in next week’s workshop.


Handy Tips to Help
Make a Profit & Promote your Crafting

Often crafters want to make extra money to help fund their hobby as they enjoy having the latest products available to them. Crafting can be a means of working from home & having a business to fit around family commitments.

Selling cards to your friends or at a craft fair can be a way of gaining sales, but often a craft fair can be a soul destroying event, you take a long while to make an assortment of  cards to meet different needs of the buyer & then package and present the crafts and take time off work to do the craft event. So when the event arrives & it hasn`t
been advertised or the weather is bad you can end up with making a loss after
taking into account the stall fees.

 So here are a few ideas on how to make money
by concentrating on wedding stationery

Making wedding stationery is an
excellent way to gain large orders. Invitations are one of the first things a
bride wants to get right when planning her wedding as it sets the tone of the wedding.

So this is where Wedding stationery comes into its own as you know the target audience and there are a few key areas where you could leave samples or business cards such as with the local vicar, the florist, the hairdresser or just by word of mouth. At a later date
when you have picked up your business you might want to advertise in a bridal
magazine or at a bridal fair. These are all benefits when starting in the handmade wedding stationery business.

When meeting the bride for the first time, be prepared and have a few wedding invitations made as examples or have a portfolio of your work to give a bride something to look at. Going into a meeting empty handed could give the wrong signals to the bridal party. Being prepared will give her the confidence in your capabilities & start you off on the right foot.

Plan your prices: When talking about costs offer a per invite price or better still suggest that the bride pays for the products & then a fixed price per invite for you making it. To help with the costs ask retailers for a discount on large quantities, worst case they can only say no.

 When you have agreed on the stationery package ask for a non refundable 50% deposit, you can use this to purchase the products needed to make the invitations. Keep a written note of the products you have bought and get both parties to sign on what numbers you are planning, this can be a flexible amount but it also gives you a point to give a minimum order number. It also makes things more professional and means you will then not be out of pocket if anything awful happens & the wedding is cancelled

When planning with the bride take a visuals board which can be made up using photos of different colours of ribbon that are available to you(see below photos) & it will save you buying lots of different ribbons but it will show the bride what`s available. Add a few real lengths of ribbon so the bride can see the product too.

Add a few hat pins to the board secured in the centre knot of some ribbon bows, you can
even colour the heads of the pins with alcohol ink to show it is possible to have different colour schemes. Details in photos below.  Also add the blank cards & envelopes so it gives the bride some instant options for thank you cards or evening invitations.

Place the hat pins on a non stick craft mat and place some of the alcohol ink onto
the felt pad applicator. Tap the ink over the pearl beads to change the colour.
Use a co-ordinating ribbon to show how you can create unique a colour scheme to
suit the bride’s needs. Promarkers could also be used to widen the range of colours.

 Standing out from other invitations

Use quality materials when promoting the wedding stationery but at a cost to the bride.

There are many different Spellbinder dies available to enable you achieve a professional finish to each & every invitation. Using the Grand Calibur machine also reduces the cutting time as you can cut several shapes in one go.

Offer to print the guest’s name in the normal blank space as this often only takes an extra hour or so to do so, but will be a real winner when trying to gain a bride’s business and you can also charge for this service.

 Offer free printed address labels as it really finishes off the invitation & will make the bride feel they have got a bargain. Suggest they upgrade some of the main wedding party invitations with a bag rather than an envelope. Full details on making the wedding bag will be available on next week’s workshop.

You can gain lots of add on sales by promoting a good professional finish to an invitation. There are so many different pieces that make up wedding stationery i.e.

Save the Date invitation, Evening Invitations, Place Names, Favour Boxes, Wedding Plan, Thank You Cards, Order of Service & Table Numbers.

Hopefully this workshop will give you lots of ideas about starting to make wedding stationery. You can also think about doing christening invitations.


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