Grungeboard with Decorative Spellbinder Spine Book

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Grungeboard & Decorative Spellbinder Spine Book Workshop


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Shopping List

Spellbinder Fleur De Lis Pendant : WIZS4-204

Grand Labels 4 – WIZLF-190 &  Labels 4 Nestibilities Die – WIZS4-190

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

 Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Tim Holtz Distress Stains :

Peeled Paint : DSPEEL & Walnut Stain : DSWAL

Grungeboard – Plain Sheets : TH92715

Cosmic Shimmer Glue : CSGLUE



Idea ology Design Ruler :  TH92481


Step by Step Instructions

Select the pendant die and measure the depth of the grungeboard by the width of the die you are using. Cut two pieces of grungeboard to 5 inches x 3 ¾ inches.


2 Fold a piece of decorative paper / card in half and place the die with the fold just over half way of the paper & cut through a die cutting machine. This will create a larger whole piece of paper so it can take the depth of the project and create a decorative spine for the book.


3 Open the cut piece & lay it flat on the scoring board. There will be a natural central fold line and now make 2 pencil lines either side of this point – 4mm`s apart. This will create 3 lines used for adding each section of paper to the spine. Score another 2 lines 4mm`s either side of the last two lines. (Marked as the dashed pencil lines in the photo)


4 The grungeboard will be glued in place to the outer line you have just created. This will be done once the board has been coloured.


5 This photo just shows where the 2nd piece will be placed later.


Cut a piece of card to fit in the depth of the spine for added strength. Mark 3 dots at 4mm intervals from the centre across the top & the bottom of the card.

7 Stick the card onto the spine the worked pierce and use a pokey tool to poke through the pencil holes.


Swipe the peeled paint distress stain over the front and back of the grungeboard.


Tap the walnut stain at random onto the non stick mat leaving gaps in places.


10  Press the grungeboard onto the work sheet to pick up the brown ink. This is done to coordinate the colours of the card used.


11  Dry the grungeboard with the heat gun before distressing the edges of the piece using cut`n`dry foam and the walnut stain ink pad.


12 Fold pieces of paper so the finished folded size is 3 ½ inches x 5 inches wide. Cut 1 piece with the folded edge up to the edge but not covering the edge of the die.


13  Place a small piece of the paper through the die cutting machine & trim the excess off to achieve a tab look. Now distress with walnut ink & attach the panel to the edge of the folded paper to create the tab.


14  Gather the 3 folded pieces starting with the smallest first and lay the front worked piece over the fold of the paper and pierce through the paper to make a hole either end of the folded line. Set aside the paper to add after the next 2 steps.


15 Glue the coloured & dry grungeboard pieces to the outer lines of the cut piece.


16 Here`s how it will look from the inside. The rows of holes are used to add sets of folded paper to each section. This is a good way of being able to add additional pieces to a project at a later date.


17 Thread the ribbon through the middle of the folded pages


18 Take each end of the ribbon and thread through the holes in the spine of the book.


19 Now tie the ribbon off in a bow. Repeat this process with each set of pages you wish to add.


20  Here is a close up of the different sized pages for you to add photos or sentiments to as you wish.


21 To finish the piece make faux brads by squeezing small dots of cosmic shimmer glue onto your non stick craft mat or simply add directly onto the project. The benefit of this glue is you can make different size brads or use the black or shimmer glue for different effects.


22 Here is the finished book. You can make the depth of the spine wider if you prefer to add more pages to the project. Using a thicker card would help support more pages.


23 Here is a close up of the spine of the book. Use decorative papers / card to change the look of the project to suit your needs.


 Full Picture Listed Workshops for Easy Reference

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The Creative Expressions old version Facebook page

is being archived soon due to Facebook changing this , so a

New Fan page has been set up

Please use the link –  click here to get to the new page

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