Tatty Button Box Frame & Decoupage Card

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Tatty Button Frame Workshop


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Shopping List

Tatty Button Cd Rom – TBCD

White Thick Card 220gsm:P/N 40001

Vintage Cream Seam Ribbon : VRCRE

Tim Holtz Distress Inks – Fired Brick : FIREDRED

Foam Pads :FP400 X 5

Sticky Thumb Tape Runner: STICKY

Eazi Score Board : EAZISCOR

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Cut `n` Dry Foam: FOAMCUT

Double Sided Tape : Tape 2S

A4 card , Small Scissors or Decoupage Snips &  Embossing Tool


Step by Step Instructions

1 Print a decoupage set from the Tatty Button cd rom. For this workshop the window design has been used. Also print a portrait backing paper to compliment the theme. This is best done on a thicker card or by sticking 2 lighter weight pieces of card together.

2 Place the printed card (on the reverse) right up to the edge of the eazi score board in a landscape position. Now score at the no.3 (A5 Gate) point & the at the no.4 (A4 Gate) point.


3 Move the card along and score another line down the no.4 point using the embossed line as a guide at the no.3 point.


4 Now you have 2 score lines from the original point work back towards the left hand side of the card and place the first ever score line in the no.4 point and score at the no.3 score point. Move the card along and repeat this process by adding another score line which will leave you with a small 8mm edge. Now turn the card and repeat the whole process again from the other landscape position side.


5 With the card in a portrait position, place the edge of the card on the no.3 score point & score at no.4 point, move the score line to no.3 & score again at no.4 point


6 Turn the card around and repeat the last process to give you all the outer score lines. The next step of score lines will be the only area of lines that will be cut later.


7 Now with the card still in the portrait position & working on the blank middle area, score 2 more lines using the no.3 & no.4 lines, turn the card and repeat from the opposite edge. Now you will have a gap in the middle which needs to be scored in the centre to complete the scoring.


8 Cut along the top and bottom of the inner section leaving the outside 2 sections uncut. You will start on the 2nd score line in & finish cutting on the 8th line .Cut down the centre panel.


9 Cut a straight line 4 score lines up from the bottom of the card in a portrait position and then cut a diagonal line to make a tab, repeat on all 4 corners.


9a Cut away the remaining 2 boxes on each of the 4 corners to leave a tab. Fold & crease all the score lines to start to create the frame shape.


10 Apply double sided tape to the thin outside edge and roll the card around to and stick down the piece to form a box edge to the frame. Play with the edge without the tape to ensure you know which edge to stick down.


11 Repeat on the other side and turn the frame around to complete the other 2 ends. This time make sure you leave the tabs free as they will be secured on the outside of the frame later.


12 Once all 4 sides are in place, glue or use double sided tape on the inside of the tab.


13 Then stick the tab to the outside of the box, repeat this on all 4 corners.


14 Take a piece of A4 card and score at in half at the no.7 A4 half fold point.


15 Turn the card around at place the edge on the no.3 point and score down the full length of card at the no.4 point. Repeat on the opposite edge. Cut & remove the 2cm width up to the half way point only, do this on both ends of the panel & kept the other section of the card whole with 2 folded edges to cover the frame tabs.


16 Fold the card in half to make a stand up card base and then wrap the 2 tabs either side of the frame to see where the card will go once it`s stuck down later. (Do not stick it down at this point)  


17 Trim the bottom layer of the decoupage image so it will fit onto the inner section of the card frame base. Distress the outer brick image area using the cut`n`dry foam and the fired brick ink pad.


18 Cut all the decoupage pieces out.


19 Curve the pieces using the closed edge of your scissors or decoupage snips.


20 Stick the base image in place and build the decoupage layers using 3d glue or foam pads. Put tape down the inside edges of the tabs.


21 Place the frame over the decoupage and fold the edge tabs up to cover the tabs up. Cover the plain white sides with the same backing paper to make the whole design flow throughout.


22 Here is a close up of the decoupage. By using the box frame it will help protect the decoupage piece and adds interest to the project.


23 Cut out 3 flowers using the images from the cd and finish with a vintage ribbon bow. See the top of the worksheet for the completed project.


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  1. Eunice says:

    Wow Suzanne what a lovely card.


  2. Paper Junkie says:

    I wasn’t sure about this character when I first saw her, but your card is so brilliant I am having second thoughts about buying the CD. (That usually means I’ll succumb)!

    Thanks Suzanne for more inspiration. X

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