Vintage Seam Ribbon & That Special Touch of …. Mask

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Vintage Seam Ribbon , Mica Mask & Flower Workshop


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Label One Die : WIZS4-161 ,  Shapebilities Snowflake Pendant : S4 – 286

Classic Scalloped Large Circle : WIZS4-124

 Vintage Cream Seam Ribbon : VRCRE

 That Special Touch of .. Mask – Tulips : MASKTULIP

Adirondack Gold Acrylic Paint

White Thick Card 220gsm:P/N 40001

 Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Fancy Pants Papers – Various Codes Available

 Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Tim Holtz Distress Inks :

Peeled Paint : DPPEELEDPAINT & Victorian Velvet :DPVICTORIAN

Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powder : Gold Pearl from Set CSMPSET2

 Heat Gun : BLUEHEAT

Tape Runner : STICKY,  & 3D Glue


Step by Step Instructions

1 Cut a piece of card to 7” x7” and place the mica mask onto the card leaving an equal border around the edges.


2 Place the 2 pieces through your Grand Calibur die cutting machine using the tan mat and pink embossing board to emboss the piece.


3 Keep the mica mask in place and colour the tulips in by using the cut`n`dry foam and the Victorian velvet distress ink pad.


4 Work in small areas so the ink is still wet to allow you to complete the next step of adding the mica. Press harder on some areas of the tulips for a more shaded look to the flowers.


5 Whilst the ink is still wet dust the mica powder over the ink to give a pearl effect to the card. Once complete distress around the edges of the mask to form a pink border to the piece.


6 Now place the mask onto the base plate and place the labels 1 die cut side up over the mask and then finish with a piece of card on top. Place the cut plate over the card and cut the labels shape out, once out of the machine remove the cut plate and replace with the tan mat and pink embossing mat and emboss this piece.


7 Take the topper leaving the card in the die and distress the edges with the Victorian velvet ink.


8 Dab the Adirondack gold paint around the edges of the 7” x 7” piece of worked card.


9 Then place the mask back over the tulips and dab the gold paint through the mask. Dab up and down to achieve texture to the paint.


10 Cut and emboss 2 snowflake shapes, then distress the edges using the peeled paint ink pad. If you wish to make a larger square cut the snowflake into 4 pieces to widen the base area.


11 Mat a piece of coordinating backing paper to the 8” x 8” base card and then use foam squares to add the mica panel to the card. Place the cut snowflake squarely in the centre of the card.


12 Then add the other snowflake over the top at an angle.


13 Cut 6 scalloped circles out of double sided paper. Use the middle size die for the project or whichever one you want depending on the size flower you wish to make.


14 Spritz all 6 pieces with a fine mist of water.


15 Collect all 6 circles up alternating the colours as you go. Piece a small hole through the middle of the circles and place a brad through the centre. Pull the first circle upwards and scrunching it as you go.


16 Repeat this on all 6 circles to form the flower embellishment. Dry the flower with a heat gun. Once dry dab some of the gold paint to edges of the flower.


17 Place the topper onto the snowflake with foam pads and then add the flower to this piece.


18 Take some of the vintage ribbon and make 3 loops each side and a tail as well.


19 Tie the ribbon into a bow and trim off the tail ends to neaten. Press the peeled paint ink pad onto the non stick mat and spritz some water to activate the ink. Scrunch and roll the bow into the ink.


20 Soak all the ink into the ribbon to give the desired colour; you may need to repeat the process of the ink again to get the depth of colour.


21 Dry the bow with your heat gun and then swipe the Victorian velvet ink pad over the ribbon to get a two tone effect to the bow.


22 Place the bow on the card using some 3d glue and add a button to finish the piece.

Here is the completed project.


23 Here is a close up of the vintage ribbon and the flower with the gold tones featuring throughout the project.


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