Quadtruple Fold Sewing Card

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Sewing Card – Workshop


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Shopping List

Spellbinder Petite Scallop Large Circle Die : WIZS4-115

Small Rose Border Die : WIZS4-164

Vintage Sewing A5 Stamp Plate : UMVINTSEWING

 Designer Ruler : TH92481

 Eazi Score Board : EAZISCOR

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Cut `n` Dry Foam: FOAMCUT

Tim Holtz Distress Inks : Peeled Paint :DPPEELEDPAINT, Walnut Stain : DPWALNUT

Shabby Shutters : DPSHABBYSHUTT & Old Paper : DPOLDPAPER

Hitch Fastener : TH92731

Tape Runner Glue : STICKY & Cosmic Shimmer Glue : CSGLUE

Glossy Accents : ACCENTMINIGLO

Tapestry Thread , 160gsm White Paper / Card,Embossing Tool  & Low Tack Tape


Step by Step Instructions

1 Place a piece of A4 160gsm paper or a piece of printed light card onto the eazi score board and score down the box (no.2) line and then score down the A4 fold line (no.7)

2 This workshop has the markings in pen, this is just to show you the score lines clearly, and you will just have embossed lines.

3 Turn the card lengthways and place the edge at the no.2 point and score at the no.7 point.

4 Move the score line you have just made to the no.2 point and then score again at the no.7 point.

Repeat the whole process again so you have 2 matching sheets of card. Once cut you will now have 4 squares each with a 1”tab, trim off the excess card

Cut out each square & tab and mark the middle of the square with a cross once the middle is found (do not include the tab when finding the middle. Cut the corners diagonally off the corners of the tabs

6 Select the 4 different size dies and place the die; cut side down onto the card & secure with low tac tape. Now either flip the die over or place the cut mat under the card before placing through your die cutting machine.

7 Take all 4 pieces of card now with holes in the centre and line up the border die so the edge just lays on the tab edge. Cut and emboss all 4 pieces.


8 Once completed you will have 4 squares with decreasing circles and scalloped rose design on the tabs.

9 Cut a piece of card to 4.75” x 4.75”. Run the tape gun down one side of the card and get the card with the largest circle ready for the next step.

10 Then attach the tab with the folded edge flush to the edge of the card. There might be a small overlap at the end of the paper but this will just help with the design. Run tape around the other 3 sides.


11 Hold the 2 sizes down pieces of card together so 1 tab is at the top and the other to the right hand side, make sure the circles are correctly in place and stick the tabs onto the card. Repeat this process with the final card layer.


12 Once completed all the tabs will have a uniformed look to the middle of the card


13 Now you have the blank base to decorate the card. Chose the inks colours you wish for your theme. Place the card over the non stick mat.


14 Open up the card and swipe the old paper ink pad over card. This process can be done using cut`n`dry foam if you prefer but I wanted a more distressed feel.


15 Close the card shut to get the ink over the folded edge of the card.


16 Repeat the same process but with the shabby shutters ink pad on the next layer of card, continue to work through the front panels using the peeled paint next then the walnut ink for the final panel.


17 Turn the card over and ink the centre of the card with the peeled paint ink pad and the cut`n`dry foam.


18 Now swipe the rest of the card with the ink pad directly till the whole surface is covered.


19 Fold all the panels back closed starting with the smallest first to show the finished inked effect.


20 Select which sewing stamps you want to use for the project & ink them with the walnut stain ink pad. Stamp randomly over the front cover and over any other layer you wish.


21 Punch a small hole in the front cover and attach a hitch fastener through the hole.


22 To make the mini threads, place the end of the thread in the centre of 2 closed fingers; wrap the thread around your fingers 7 or 8 times. Wrap some thin double sided tape around the centre to make the shape needed for the thread. Print your sentiment words onto a piece of light card before wrapping & securing them around the thread. I have used the words `To a` , `special ` & `friend` but you can make up your own.


23 Stamp the cotton reel image onto card using the walnut stain ink pad and pull the colour out with a paint brush on the ends only. Cut the reel out and apply glossy accents to the coloured areas and set aside to dry.

Once dry wrap thread around the reels before tying off the thread at the back of the reel. Chose matching threads to the sentiment threads to pull the design together.


24 Stick the cotton reels in the centre of the card and attach the sentiment threads to the outside of the card.

Here is the completed project.


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