Upcycled – Eco Friendly Crackle Painted Pots

Upcycling is bang on trend at the moment, so what better way to combine these `eco friendly acrylic paints` with the pots which were going to be thrown away.

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Upcycled Pot workshop


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Shopping List

 Cardboard Tubes – saved from the rubbish & being upcycled

Eco Friendly Paint:

Clam Shell :  ECAPCLAM , New Grass : ECAPNEW & Lime : EACPLIM

6mm Double Sided Tape – tape2s

Eco Friendly Green Glue : ECGLUE or Cosmic Shimmer Glue : CSGLUE

A5 Journal Alpha Clear Stamp Set : CSJOURALP

Patterned Paper – Various Codes Available

Flat Paint Brush : BRU8TAK

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Tim Holtz Distress Inks

Shabby Shutters : THSHABBYSHUTT  & Peeled Paint : THPEELEDPAINT




Step by Step Instructions

Take the unwanted cardboard based pots and clean them out using a piece of paper towel. These containers normal have dried granule or powder products within them.

2 Select the colour theme for the pots and place a small amount of the paint into a paint pallet or dish. In this project, clam shell, lime & new grass eco paint has been used.


3 Paint the first coat of paint directly onto the cardboard pot, even the lightest colour will cover the strong red underneath; this shows the quality of the paint. Leave the silver bottom silver free of paint.


4 Complete all base coats on all 3 of the pots and on the lids if you want to change the colour there to tone in with the project. For best results allow to dry naturally.


5 Place the eco green glue into a dish and paint a layer of the glue over the base coat. Repeat this on all 3 pots.


6 Now paint the top coats over the glue using a different colour paint.


7 Take the heat gun and gently heat over the pot. Be careful not to overheat else you will get paint blisters.


TOP TIP. Place a wooden spoon inside the pot and use as a handle to keep your hands away for the heat gun.


 9 Complete this process on all 3 pots.


10 Take a piece of patterned paper and measure the inside of the lid base. Cut a circle out of the paper using a spellbinder circle die or having marked the paper with pencil and a circle shape.


11 Glue the circles of paper into the lids to coordinate with your theme. You may wish to use a stamped piece, it`s up to you what you use.


12 Select the words you want to add to the pot and place them onto an acrylic block.


13 Ink the stamp using the Tim Holtz peeled paint distress ink onto card.


14 Distress the edges of the card using shabby shutters distress ink.


15 Stick the labels onto the pot using the green glue or cosmic shimmer glue. Why not make different labels such as buttons, ribbons or pens for each different pot.


16 Here are the completed upcycled pots ready to add your bits and pieces too.


17 Why not use odd pieces of paper or even a piece of scrapbook paper to cover the pots and add ribbon to finish the piece off, Put wooden feet on the base, the options are endless

Why not stamp the letters and ink over the letters, and then add a flower design over the top to change the usage??


18 Below shows an example of a pot cover in paper and the individual stamped letters


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If you have a Facebook account 

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