Spellbinder Frame & Rose Celebration Card

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Spellbinder & Rose Golden Card Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

 Spellbinder Classic Frame : WIZS5-012

 Umount – Rambling Rose A5 Stamp Plate :  UMRAMB

Umount Repositional Foam Sheet : UMREPOST

White Thick Card 220gsm:P/N 40001

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder – Bright Gold :CSEPBRGOLD

Floral Embossing Folder : EF-004

 Pearl Card  – Various Codes Available

Parchment A4 Sheet : 40022

Tim Holtz Distress Inks – Shabby Shutters : DPSHABBYSHUTT

Vintage Photo : DPVINTAGEPHOTO & Scattered Straw : DPSCTSTRAW

C/ Shimmer Mica Sparkle Pigments: Angel Gold Sparkle  & Sunny Gold Sparkle

from Cosmic Shimmer Set 1 Precious Sparkle PigmentsCosmic Shimmer Cosmic Shimmer Set 1 Precious Sparkle Pigments :  CSSPSET1




Cosmic Shimmer Mister – Rich Gold : CSMRICH

Paint Brush : BRUSHFINE

Eazi Score Board : EAZISCOR

Ribbon – Various Codes Available


Double Sided Tape : Tape 2S

Anti Static Bag : ANTIST


Step by Step Instructions

1 Take a piece of pearlescent card and place the frame die cut side down and towards the bottom edge of the card.


2 Place the top edge of the card on the `box 1` line of the Eazi score board and score at the `Gate 3` point (33mm in if using a ruler) 


3 Place a piece low tac tape on the inside edge of the die before running the card through the Grand Calibur machine.


4 Repeat this process again so you have another frame side by side. Now trim the right hand side edge off to give you the size card you wish.


5 Place some double sided tape on the reverse of the tab & attach another piece of A4 card up to the folded tab edge.


6 Then close the tab over the frame panel to join the 2 pieces of card together. Trim off the excess card on the side only.


7 With the card front closed score along the bottom edge of the card to create another tab.


8 Attach a 9cm wide piece of card to the tab using double sided tape. DO NOT add the tape to the 9cm wide piece of card just the tab as it would be seen underneath the card if not.


9 Cut a piece of pearl card to 2.5cm wide and the length of the card. Place the card through the slit in the embossing folder and run through the embossing machine using the machine instructions for the sandwich needed.


10 Move the card down and match the pattern to the already embossed card and run through the machine again. This will give you a long embossed piece of card with no join markings.


11 Distress the whole piece of card using the scattered straw ink pad with the cut`n`dry foam. Once completed the whole piece just go over just the raised embossed flowers with the ink to add depth to the piece.


12 Mat the embossed piece onto a piece of gold mirri card or antique gold piece of card. Attach the panel to the edge of the 9cm tab you made earlier using foam tape only to raise the piece.


13 Take the frames that were left over when making the apertures earlier. Place the frame into the embossing folder and make sure you line up the flower with the centre of the frame. Pass through your die cutting machine & repeat with the 2nd frame. Distress the frame with the scattered straw ink.


14 Take the `If I had a rose ` sentiment stamp (or use a different verse if you wish)As you can see the stamp is too big for the frame so cut the `If I had` part of the stamp away from the rest of the stamp and place it higher up on the acrylic block. The stamp can still be used in the original form later if you wish, this just always a different use of it.


15 Take a piece of parchment and swipe with the anti static bag.

 a/ Stamp the sentiment using the perfect medium and heat emboss with the bright gold powder.

 b/ Stamp the rosebud at random over the piece using the PM and dust the gold mica powder over the parchment and brush of the loose mica.

 c/ Attach the frame to the piece and cut of the excess parchment.


16 Stamp 1 rose at a time using the vintage photo ink pad and add clear embossing powder quickly after each stamp. Continue and complete 3 roses in this way before heat setting all 3 roses.


17 Press the vintage photo, scattered straw and shabby shutters ink pad onto a white ceramic tile or plate. Add a small amount of angel gold mica to the edge of the ink.


18 Now add a little bit of water to the mica and mix with the ink as well. This will give a lovely sparkle to the ink. Keep some of the ink free from the mica and this can be used to add a darker tone the flower petals.


19 Colour in the flowers, use some brown to the edges of the petals and darker yellow ink to the inner petals. Complete all 3 roses and decoupage them once dry. Stamp the rose onto parchment & emboss with gold and place behind the 2nd frame. Set aside for later.


20 Cut lengths of ribbon at 21cms, 18cms, 14cms & 8.5cms.

a/ place some cosmic shimmer glue to the centre of the largest piece.

 b/ fold the edges in and hold together with a peg.

 c/ Repeat on the 2nd & 3rd size down pieces of ribbon  and place glue in between each layer before adding the next layer.


21  Attach double sided tape to the reverse of the 8.5cm piece of ribbon & stick it to the middle of the bow & wrap and secure it around the back to finish the pleated bow.


22 Spritz the rich gold Cosmic Shimmer mist over 3 paper roses to tone in with the theme and allow to dry.


23 Place the sentiment frame on the inside of the card and behind the frame aperture.


24 Place the rose frame behind the other aperture.


25 Place the decoupaged petals onto the rose. Attach the bow & coloured roses to the centre top of the card.

Here is the completed card, this workshop has been designed to show you how to make a larger card when you sometimes need that extra special card for a birthday or celebration. Alternatively you can make a smaller card using the same idea but just using 1 frame.


26 Tuck the card behind the step to stand the card. This gives an elegant feel to the card.


27 Here is a close up of the bow.


28 and a close up of the decoupaged rose complete with shimmer.




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