Exploding Box Made With Nestibilities Dies

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Exploding Box Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

 or a smaller die cutting machine for smaller box

 Spellbinder Grand Labels One Die : WIZLF-161 ( for the lid )

& Labels One Die : WIZS4 – 161

 Fancy Pants 12” x 12” Sweet Spring / Marli : FPMARLI

 Blue Pearl Card Stock : 40444

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Tim Holtz Distress Inks : Peeled Paint THPEELEDPAINT

Eazi Score Board : EAZISCOR

Ribbon – Various Codes Available

Double Sided Tape : Tape 2S

Tape Runner : STICKY


Low Tack Tape , Ruler ,Embossing Tool & Scissors Or Guillotine


Step by Step Instructions

1 Take a piece of blue card then score and fold it in half. Place the labels die, cut side down and with the one edge wrapping over the folded edge. Tape the die in position, ensuring the tape goes on the die and then onto the waste side of the card to prevent marking the card.


2 Place the card through your die cutting machine. Then cut the curved edges off one of the panels ONLY, leaving the folding edge still in position, this will leave a little corner to the card. This process is done to make a solid base to the box.


3 Repeat the process and make 2 folded pieces. Now make another 2 pieces by just folding back 2cms of card on the fold edge and cutting out the card, this will give you a shorter tab effect.


4 Cut the edge straight on the tab piece, again this will match up the edges for the base.


5 Cut 5 pieces of blue card using the 2nd largest die and then 4 pieces of the fancy pants paper using the 3rd largest die.


6 Take the folded cut panels and apply Tim Holtz peeled paint ink using a piece of cut`n`dry foam to the edges of the shaped white side of the card. Leave the straight cut edges free of ink as they will be hidden later.


7 Preparing the card in this way will mean the blue card will appear inside the box and give a nice finish, also the card will go against the fold & give a greater explode when opening the box.


8 Attach the 2 shorter tabs onto the square panel by using double sided tape or glue if you prefer.


9 Now attach the other folded panel over the top to complete the bottom base of the exploding box. The curved shapes give a real uniform feel to the box but without the hassle of having to cut straight lines.


10 Turn the piece over and attach the blue panels over the inked areas to complete the double sided piece. This technique is ideal when you are not working with double sided card. Then attach the dotty paper to the blue


11 The sides of the exploding box will have a slight gap in the side due to the curved edge of the die, but this just adds to the design.


12 When cutting the smaller size folded tab panels you can get 2 pieces out of a length of card by placing a die at both ends of the card with folded edges.


13 Complete the process of the panels by going down a size in die for each layer. Reverse the colours and papers to give different effects to the layers.


14 Attach the 2nd layer by sticking the reverse of the centre panel to the centre base panel.


15 Distress the centre panel so no white edges are seen when attaching the final panel, and again using tape on the reverse side of the piece.


16 Pull all the panels up to show the effect of the exploding box.


17 Measure across the base of the box and select a die shape for the lid, for this project the 4th from largest grand labels 1 die is used.


18 Cut the lid using the selected die. The base is 9.2cms, so make the lid measurement 9.8cms. Find the centre of the cut piece and measure out 4.9cms either side of the centre point and score at this point. Complete this all around the edges.


19 Cut a `V` notch in all 4 corners of the lid.


20 Crease the box sides up and use strong wonder tape of glue to stick the tabs in place. As the shape is symmetric it makes for a wonderful shaped lid.


21 If you want to add a little box to the centre of the exploding box then score a piece of card at the box 2 line, then A4 gate 4 point and finally at the Dl 5 mark. Turn the card 90 degrees & repeat this again, then trim off the excess to make the box base.


22 Make a lid using the dotty paper and with a measurement of 5.2cms & a 1cm edge all around for the sides. Add a tassel to give dimension and interest to the piece.


23 Add a ribbon to the lid edge before gathering the sides up and placing the lid on top. As the nature of the die is curved this is why the lid needs to be bigger to fit the box.

Here is the finished exploding box.


24 Remove the lid for an exploding opening to the box. Add photos or embellish as you wish.

Make larger or smaller boxes with the same die depending on your needs.


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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    I love my new grand calibur and I love this box! Will be giving this one a try. I’ve got a friend’s big birthday coming up soon and this will make an ideal gift box. Thanks again Suzanne for your inspiration.
    P.S Just acquired some Tim Holtz boxed feet so will be making the sewing box too!

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