How to make a Recipe Stand

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Shopping List

  A4 280gsm Card : Various Codes Available

White Thick Card 220gsm:P/N 40001

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Design Ruler : TH92481  

 Sticky Thumb Tape Runner – STICKY or

 Double Sided Tape – Tape2S

Kitchen Umounted A5 Stamp Plate : UMVINTCOOK

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

 Ribbon – Various Codes Available

Eazi Score Board : EAZISCOR

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Long Fasteners pk 99 : TH92703

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Jump Rings 75 pieces :  TH92726

Tim Holtz Distress Inks

Vintage Photo : DPVINTAGEPHO, Fired Brick :DPFIREDRED

 & Old Paper :  DPOLDPAPER

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Hole Punch, Rings, Scissors, Embossing Tool

1 Score the A4 thick card at 2.5cms (Box 2 point on the EZ score board) and then 10.5cms in from the edge (DL point 5) and then measure 19.5cms and cut off the remaining card at this point.


Take another piece of A4 card and score at 1.5ms and then measure 19cms from the score line and cut off the remaining card.


3 Apply double sided tape to the reverse of the 1.5cms tab that has just been made and stick down over the front side of the other piece of the stand (the 19.5cms area of the card). This will form the A frame to the stand.


4 Print out some recipe sheets or use your own made up sheets. Printable pages can be found in your Microsoft Works programme, under Templates / Home & Money / Recipe Book.


5 Cut the pages to 20cms x 19cms. Stamp randomly over the page using kitchen stamps and vintage photo distress ink.


6 Distress the edges of the pages using the vintage photo distress ink and the cut`n`dry foam.


7 Measure equally from the centre of the stand and punch 2 holes through the top folded edge of the card.


Place 2 ring fasteners through the holes. Ribbon or other items can be used at this stage to hold the pages but the rings help you turn the pages with ease.


9 Punch holes through the recipe pages (this can easily be done by lining the pages under the already punched holes and punching through the recipe pages). Attach the completed recipe sheets through the rings before closing.


10 Punch 2 holes equally apart through the 2.5cms tab and the main 19cms front panel. Thread a length of ribbon through from the back of the card to the front and tie off in a bow. This will hold the stand closed and will allow it to be laid flat to be stored away or posted.


11 A close up of the bow feature. Other methods could be used such as hitch fasteners but the ribbon allows to the colour to match throughout the project.


12 The recipe pages are placed on the front of the stand and now flip them over to the back so the plain side will be seen.


13 Take a piece of 16cms x 20cms piece of thick white card and stamp over the card using the kitchen stamps and using the vintage photo and fired brick distress ink. Fold using mountain folds over the card before adding the old paper distress ink for an aged look. Now take a piece of card 10cms x 20cms and rip the top edge back to roughen the edge and reduce the card to 9cms. Distress this piece of card using just the fired brick ink.  Repeat the last process but at 7cms depth and using the stamps and old paper ink and add a RECIPES panel that has been printed from the computer and distressed.


14 A close up of the aged distressed look. Assemble the 3 panels you have just made and fix them together using the Tim Holtz brads at the edge. Remember to add some tape or glue to the base of the pockets so your recipes don`t fall out.


15 Cut a sentiment out & a pie and distress the piece before adding jump rings through the top of these pieces and adding to the recipes rings. Knot different ribbons to the rings to embellish the stand.


16 Add your recipes and notes to the pockets.


17 A side view of the recipe stand.

17  18 Use the recipe pockets and then flip your recipe pages back over when you require a recipe. The different measurements have been produced in this way to balance the stand for using either the pockets or recipe sheets.


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  1. Marion-in-the-UK says:

    This is fabulous!! I’m going to print up my pages with traditional Christmas recipes and give them to friends as pre-Christmas presents.

    Fantastic!! Many thanks for sharing.


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