Eco Friendly Glass Glintz Christmas Tree Decorations


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Eco Friendly Decorations


Shopping List

Glass Glintz – 30mm : GG30CLR

Umount Holly Birdhouse A5 Stamp Plate : UMHOLLBIRD

U-Mount Repositioning Mounting Cushion:  UMREPOST

Eco Friendly Dye Based Black Ink Pad : ECPBLK

 Eco Friendly Gold Acrylic Paint : Prue Gold – ECAPGOL

Eco Green Glue : EEGLUE

Non-Stick Craft Sheet: CRAFTSHELRG ( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small) Scissors,

Anti Static Bag : ANTIST

Cosmic Shimmer Glitter : Jade Speckle – CSGJADE

 Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels – Iced Crystal :  CSGJICECRY

Wonder Tape –  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

 Adirondack Pens – Lettuce : ADP18186, Red Pepper : ADP18230 

Ribbon: Various Ribbon Codes Available.

Beads, Embossing Tool, Blue Tac & Tassels

1 Take a large glass glintz and swipe the flat surface with the anti static bag. Stamp the small holly circle in the centre of the glass glintz using the permanent ink pad. Repeat on a 2nd piece of glass if you want the decoration to have a matching reverse side.


2 When the ink is dry, colour in the holly leaves with the lettuce Adirondack pen and then the berries with the red pepper Adirondak pen.


3  Once the pen is dry cover the flat surface with the green glue.


4 Now sprinkle the glitter over the glue and tap off the excess. Allow to dry which is best overnight. These decorations can have lots of different treatments added and the workshop will show a few ideas.


5 To help paint the flat surface, place a piece of blue tac on the beveled side of the glass glintz and poke an embossing tool into the blue tac to create a handle to hold.


6 If you make a mistake with the stamping or you are just not happy with the way the design is going then simply wipe the surface clear. This could be done with an ink remover or a piece of tissue depending on the products you have used.


7 Apply 1 coat of the gold acrylic paint and allow to dry. Use a mixture of colours with the paints, it`s up to you and your creative mood.

8 Adding an image is also easily done. Draw around a chosen picture and cut the image out


9 Cover the flat base of the glass with the green glue, place the glass over the image and leave to dry. It will dry completely clear.


10 Here are the glass glintzs using the glitter, the Santa image, glitter jewels and the gold paint.


11 To add a tassel or ribbon through a fine bead can be near impossible so place a loop of thread through the loop on the tassel.


11a  Place the thread through the bead


11b  Pull the thread until the tassel appears through the bead.


11c Then remove the thread once completed


12 Repeat the same process to pass the ribbon through the bead.


12a Stick wonder tape on the back of the topper.


12b Lay the ribbon and the tassel onto the tape and use 3d glue over the top.


12c Place the other prepared glass over the top to complete the decoration


13 The decorations can be made without the tassel by just using the ribbon at the top. Why not try adding the smaller glass glintzs down a piece of thread or ribbon for a chandelier effect to the decoration.


14 Print some words into a plain document on a computer and ink the background in green, apply the words to the glass before adding to the reverse of the decoration. This makes a nice personalize gift and will create memories when bringing out the decoration each year.



15 The Glass Glintz decorations added to a Christmas Tree. The decorations could be used in the centre of a swag of some greenery or added to various ideas you have within your Christmas theme


 Full Picture Listed Workshops for Easy Reference

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If you have a Facebook account 

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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    I love these as you could personalise them and use as a gift in one of your wonderful crackers. Thank you for another brilliant idea for using the glass glintz.

    Much love

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