Creative Expressions Cracker Box – For Use With The Cracker Template


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Cracker box workshop


Shopping List

2 Sheets of A3 Card

Cracker Template to fit inside the box – this will come with full instructions of how to make the cracker up 

Other workshops are available on the Creative Expressions weekly workshops site – Click here

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad – Dusty Concord : DPDUSTYCONC

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Non-Stick Craft Sheet: CRAFTSHELRG ( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

 Embossing Board  for lines Score Board : EAZI – SCORE BOARD : EAZISCOR

or Tim Holtz Idea-ology Design Ruler : TH92481 &  Embossing Tool

Wonder Tape –  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

 Scissors & Decorative Border Punch.


Step by Step Instructions

To make this self lined base with no cutting take a piece of A3 card (at least 280gsm)


Starting from the top corner with the card in a portrait position, score down at 5cms and then at 11cms. Turn the card score at the 6cms point across the top edge, turn the card and score down the long edge at the 5cm and 11cm point. Finish with the bottom edge scored at 6cms.

The A3 card with look like this, with 2 rows of score lines on the longest edges and 1 score line on the short edges.

With the card placed with the short sides top and bottom – starting from the side cut to the second embossed line.

Then cut 1 line in from the bottom upwards to the remove the corner completely.


Now starting 2cms up on the next square, cut a diagonal line to the embossed line and then straight down into the corner where the cut from step 4 was made. This will then remove the shape from the corner and give you a tab that will be concealed under the punched edge when finished.


Complete this process on all 4 corners. The box base will now look like this.


Punch a decorative border along the 2 long edges to add an elegant finish to the inside of the box.


On the reverse side of the box base, place wonder tape or a strong double sided tape onto the tabs. Then add long strip of tape along both right sides of the punched edge. (The edge has been folded back to show the tape underneath). Fold and crease the embossed lines ready for the next step.


10 Pull the sides up & pinch the tabs in so the tape faces the side of the box.

10a.Line the tab edge flush with the box side ensuring the sides are tight & inline as there is part of the corner without the tab. This will give a clean look to the inside of the box so no tab is seen under the punched edge.

10b. Complete this step on all other sides.

10c. Remove the tape backing and fold down the punched edge to complete the flush inside of the box.





11 For the lid use an A3 sheet of card and score at 2.5cms in and then again at 3cms. Also do this on the side edge& top edge. Then measure in 8.3cm for the width of the box and score then score again at 3cms and 2.5cms. Trim away the remaining card.


12 All edges of the boxes will be self lined for the lid, so repeat the cutting at the corners as with the base but also cut away the outer 2 boxes of the corners as in the photo. Apply the Dusty concord distress ink to the lid. This will give a sparkle effect if using a pearl card.


13 Ink the inside main panel of the box to give a uniformed look to the lid. Make the lid up using the same technique as the base, folding in all the tabs for a neat finish.


14 Place a coordinating backing paper on the lid to complement the made up cracker. Tie a ribbon around the box to finish the gift.

The boxes suit special occasions – please see the cracker section on the Creative Expressions Weekly Workshop site for more ideas and different samples.



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If you have a Facebook account 

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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    What a beautiful gift box Suzanne! I can think of lots of uses and and occasions for this. I love the idea of the punched edge to finish the inside. Thank you for these wonderful projects.

  2. Alice H says:

    This is such a lovely box, Suzanne- another true masterclass from you- thank you very much


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