Eco Friendly Acrylic Paints Book



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Eco Friendly Acrylic Book


Shopping List

Eco Friendly Acrylic Paints – Ocean : ECAPOCE & Lime : ECAPLIM

 Eco Green Garden Chic Stamp Plate : ECRSGRAND

 Eco Friendly Dye Based Black Ink Pad : ECPBLK

 Glass Glintz – 30mm : GG30CLR

 Eco Green Glue : EEGLUE

 Flat Paint Brush

White Thick Card 220gsm:P/N 40001

 Cosmic Shimmer Mist – Meadow Lush : CSMMEAD

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad -Spun Sugar: DPSPUN, Victorian Velvet : DPVICTORIAN

 Shabby Shutters: DPSHABBYSHUTT  & Forest Moss : DPFOREST

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Non-Stick Craft Sheet: CRAFTSHELRG ( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

 Acrylic Block: 6″ X 4″ : BLOCK3


 Heat Gun : BLUEHEAT

Ribbon: Various Ribbon Codes Available.

Dried Flowers , Mount Board or Board,


Step by Step Instructions

1 Select the Eco acrylic paints you wish to use for the project. You will need a least 2 different paints to achieve the crackle effect.

Paint the base colour onto 2 pieces of mount board or grey backing board (8cm x 11cm )  Use up and down stokes when applying the paint and allow to dry or heat set. Then apply a thin layer of PVA glue mixed with a little water, again dry before starting the next step.


3  Paint the top coat with a different colour and allow to dry – cracking will start once the paint dries. When using different bases the paint dries differently. Here on grey board the paint didn`t do a uniformed crack but gave a lovely effect. So play around until you are happy.


Painting onto a piece of mount board gives a lovely crackle. Art shops often have off cuts or why not use this technique on a pre made album available from Creative Expressions stockists.


Use paint effects on the front and back of the panels. Buff the dry paint for a shiny appearance to the piece. Then take the Eco dye ink and stamp onto the front cover.


6  Use the stamps to complete the design as you wish. Leave a space to add the dried flower and glass glintz. Allow the ink to dry.


Add the dried flower to the book with placing the eco glue under the flower. Add glue to the reverse of the glass glintz and place the glass over the flower and the glue will dry clear once dry.


Take a sheet of the 220gsm card and score it at the A4 gatefold mark (no.4) and then score at the A4 half fold (no.7) mark. Turn the card around and score again at the A4 gatefold mark (no.4). Once complete turn theA4 card to a portrait position and mark at the A5 half fold (no.6) point and cut down the centre line to create 2 pieces of card with 4 sections each.


9 Attach the 2 pieces of card by overlapping the top and bottom end of each piece and secure in place with glue. Stamp the images onto card using the black ink pad, complete this on the front and back of the card.


10  Apply Tim Holtz distress ink using the cut`n`dry foam. Start with the greens up one end and then move into the pink. Edge each colour panel with the opposite colour to build the design.


11 Place dried flowers onto the card using the Eco glue underneath each flower and then apply a layer of glue over the top to seal the flower. This will protect the flower from breaking.


12 Choose a matching ribbon for the project or make your own ribbon. Place a piece of light organza ribbon on the non stick craft mat and spritz the Cosmic Shimmer mist over the ribbon. Allow to dry before using the ribbon.


13 Attach the ribbon to the inside of the front cover using some double sided tape. Add some glue to the rest of the panel making sure not to go right up to the edges with the glue.


14 Attach the first panel of the concertina card to over the ribbon and allow to dry. Once dry fold the pages up and glue the last piece of the card to the inside of the back panel and allow to dry. Once completed tie the ribbon into a bow at the back of the book.


15 The completed project.


16 The reverse of the project.


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If you have a Facebook account 

 you can now follow Creative Expressions on FACEBOOK

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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    Suzanne – I just love the various techniques in this project, and now that I’ve tracked down the glass glintz (ebay) will be using them over pressed flowers as well as over the victorian cameo photos in one of your previous projects.
    Many thanks for all your inspiration.

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