Marbled Acetate Christmas Cracker





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Shopping List

Cracker Template : Available from Creative Expressions ( code to follow)

A4 Acetate Sheet  : ACETATE

Heat Emboss Acetate : HEATEMBOS

or A4 Printable Acetate

 Tissue paper or the tissue backing paper that comes with printable acetate.

Glossy Accents : ACCENTGLOS

 Adirondack Alcohol Inks: Red Pepper : ALCIRED,  Lettuce : ALCILETT, Butterscotch : ALCIBUTTER

  & (Mixatives) Gold : ALCMGOLD 

Alcohol Ink Applicator Tool : ALCAPPTOOL

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Creative Expressions Piercing Ruler : RULER

 6mm Double Sided Tape : Tape2S ( check the width before buying )

 Wonder Tape : WH4 ( 1/4th of an inch )

Ribbon: Various Ribbon Codes Available

 Embossing Tool, Low Tack Tape, Scissors, Rolling Pin or Cylinder Object (to help with shaping the cracker) .


Cracker Contents


Step by Step Instructions

 Take the acetate sheet, a heat emboss acetate or printable acetate works well and could be used to print a swirl design or image to the front of the acetate before adding the alcohol ink. Place the sheet onto the non stick craft mat.

1 DSC04677

 Swirl the glossy accents over the acetate, do this on the rough side if using printable acetate. Do not go right up to the edge as the glue will spread once the tissue paper is applied.


Shake small amounts of the alcohol inks over the lacquer. To keep the colours bold try not to overlap the inks too much as this will mix the inks. Optional – At this stage mica powder, small beads or glitter could be added.


Place the tissue paper over the lacquer, take a piece of kitchen towel and press lightly over the tissue paper to ensure the lacquer and inks adhere to the acetate. Set aside and once dry the acetate will look like the 2nd photo on the reverse & glossy and shiny on the front as in the 3rd photo


As it is harder to see pencil lines on the acetate, draw around the template onto a piece of copy paper. (It isn`t necessary to cut the `v` notches out as this can be done when trimming the acetate). Place the template on the centre edge on the reverse side of the landscape acetate. Secure down with low tack tape.


Score along the edge of the `v`notches on both ends.


Then fold the acetate back to achieve the fold line.



8  Trim the `v` notches out of the template and along the long side following the template line.


9  Once cut out the acetate cracker shape will look like this.


10  Place 6mm double sided tape or wonder tape along the unbroken edge of the cracker. Tabs can be made in the tape to help when positioning the cracker closed in the next step.Place a rolling pin or cylinder shape on the acetate to help support with the shaping of the cracker – it can be done without but this just makes it easier.


11  Ensure the diamond shapes are lined up when taping the cracker closed. Once in position pull the tabs of the tape to seal the cracker closed.


12  Tie a ribbon around one end of the cracker to secure it closed. Take your chosen items and wrap with tissue paper. Place the parcel inside the cracker before securing it closed with another ribbon & bow. The little tiny tins can house stamps, and alcohol inks bottles and mica pots are ideal gifts for any crafter.



13 Make up as many sheets that are needed for the amount of crackers when starting step one, that way they will all be dry at once. Being made from acetate means you can bring them out year after year and just refill when needed.



14 Make matching names for the crackers by printing the names needed onto the printable acetate first and then complete steps 1 – 4. Cut the names out and place on the cracker for a personal touch and a great place setting idea.


15 Use different techniques to make the bases of your crackers before using embellishments to finish them off, the template has been designed without tabs to secure the cracker closed so you can use it on acetate and parchment. Also use your distress inks, cosmic shimmers and printed patterned papers – it`s up to you how you design them – Have fun




There is a whole section of workshops using the

Cracker Template

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wonderful keepsakes

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  1. AliceH says:

    Another fabulous tutorial, Suzanne- thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Alice

  2. Rita says:

    Stunning Crackers Suzanne. Hugs Rita xx

  3. Paper Junkie says:

    Brilliant use of acetate. Too good for my family to destroy! They will bound to want to pull them. Will make some scaled down versions and hang them on the Christmas tree. Many thanks Suzanne for another wonderful tutorial.

  4. Rocky says:

    Thanks for the instructions, they’re stunning!

  5. Katie Fisher says:

    These are stunning- I’ve never seen anything like them and just so perfectly Autumnal. I want to have a dinner party just to do them 🙂

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