Spellbinders 3D Snowflake Christmas Decoration


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Spellbinder Snowflake


Shopping List

A4 Parchment: 40022

 Spellbinders Snowflake Pendant : WIZS4 – 286

 Magnetic Spacer Mat: WIZW – 024

Tan Embossing Mat : WIZW – 023

 Cosmic Shimmer Dies Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad: Tumbled Glass : DPTUMBLED

 Stickles: Silver: STKSILV

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT,

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)


Ribbon: Various Ribbon Codes Available

 Silver Beads, Embellishments & Silver Thread / Cord.


Step by Step Instructions

1  Place the snowflake die cut side up onto the spacer magnetic mat.


2  Place the parchment over the die and cut out.


Whilst the cut parchment is still in the die, change the embossing sandwich to your die cutting machine requirements and emboss the snowflake using the tan embossing mat. Keeping the parchment in the die will ensure a perfect embossed snowflake. Repeat steps 2 and 3 till you have 5 snowflakes.


Gently colour the snowflakes using the tumbled glass distress ink and the cut `n` dry foam. Repeat this on all 5 snowflakes.


Line the top and bottom points of the snowflake along one line on the embossing board and score down the centre of each piece. Crease all 5 snowflakes exactly in half ready to glue later.


6 Take the silver cord or embroidery thread and make a loop and then knot the loop off. Trim off the tail end so just the loop is left, then attach a silver bead embellish the thread.

Add another couple of beads and then tie another knot below to secure the beads in place.

6  7

As the die can be used with a hole in the centre, this is perfect to add a charm or crystal to the centre. Place a line of glue down the scored line and lay the looped thread over the glue and allow to dry. Press and hold the thread down till the glue starts to set.


Lay the snowflake embellishment or flat crystal behind the cord and blob an amount of glue over the cord and embellishment. Then place another snowflake on top to neaten the centre of the snowflake.


10 Once dry ease the snowflake back to the folded position.


11 Apply glue to all the edges of the snowflake.


12 Now attach another folded snowflake ensuring all the points meet to give a flush look to the 3d ornament. Again hold the edges till the glue starts to set. This will only be moments.


13 Keep adding the snowflakes using the same method until you get to the final piece, then just add glue to the left and right hand sides of the snowflake and secure in place.


14  Add a final bead to the base of the snowflake and knot off and trim the cord just below.


15 Once the snowflake is dry, add small dots of silver Stickles using the embossed areas as a guide or add gems. Finish the snowflake with a bow to complete the 3d ornament and add to your Christmas tree or to a centre of some swaged greenery.



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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    This is fab Suzanne! Will definately be making a few of these to hang in different lengths from my conservatory ceiling. Then I can get them out every year. What a clever design. Many thanks for all your inspiration.

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