Triangle Gift Bag


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Triangle Gift Bag


  Shopping List     

                                                                                   12” x 12” Papers : Various Codes for different styles

 Plain 160gsm Paper

Ribbon: Various Ribbon Codes Available.

 Embellishments : Perfume Bottle from Lavender Stamp Set: UMLAVEN

& Stamped Flowers from Botanical Stamp Set : UMBOTANICAL

Unmounted Create –A –Swirl:UMCREATE

U-Mount Repositioning Mounting Cushion:  UMREPOST

 Cosmic Shimmer Mist – Bronze Blush : CSMBRON & Lava Red : CSMLAVA

 Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Acrylic Block: 6″ X 4″ : BLOCK3

Perfect Medium: PERPADCL

 Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder: CSEPCLEAR

Double Sided Tape : Tape2s

 Border Punch & Hole Punch


Step by Step Instructions

1 Take the 12” x 12” sheet of paper and punch down one edge. This is optional but it just gives a nice edge when the bag is folded.

2 Then turn the paper over and fold both edges into the centre overlapping them slightly as you go. This will give the punched edge room to have the double sided tape applied later. 


3 Gently press the sides at the top to give you a mark where to score without having to measure anything.


4 Score down the points that have just been made.


5 Crease and fold the paper into shape.


6 Apply double sided tape across all the inside on one edge and then add a small piece to the piece that overlaps. Also run a piece of tape down the long punched edge so you can stick the 2 edges down at the same time.


7 Once the two edges are stuck down, punch across the top edge. Trim 2 or 3inches off the bottom edge depending on the size bag you require and punch across the bottom edge.


8 Turn the bag lengthways and place your fist into the bag to ease the triangle shape into place. This edge will be closed in the opposite direction to give the triangular shape to the bag.


9 Hold the edge in place and punch 4 holes along this edge.


10 Starting with the 2nd hole in, pass the ribbon through the hole leaving a small piece of ribbon to tie into a bow later.


11  Then pass the ribbon back through the first hole pulling the ribbon tight and leave a loop when passing the ribbon through to the 4th hole and back round through the 3rd hole. Now tie the two ends off into a bow and decorate as you wish.


12 You can make your own paper up using an A4 sheet of 160gsm paper. Punch the shorter edge and stamp and emboss the swirl using the clear embossing powder.


13 Spritz the paper with the lava red mist ensuring you have the craft mat underneath.


14 Take a tissue and dab off the Cosmic Shimmer mist that has fallen on the embossed images. Repeat with the bronze blush to add depth to the colour. Allow the piece to dry before following the instructions in the same way.


15 Here is the completed project.  Try making them in different size bags to house the different size gifts. Or fill a small one with lavender placing a small hole in the bag to release the perfume.



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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    As I have made the lavender easel card for a birthday next week, (which has turned out really well) this is the perfect matching gift bag. I will make a smaller version as it is for a pair of earrings. Thank you Suzanne for another lovely idea, and just in time too.

  2. AliceH says:

    Another great tutorial and idea, Suzanne. I’ve made these little “sour cream” cartons myself but never as beautiful as yours- great ideas. Thank you
    Hugs Alice

  3. Monnie Bena says:

    Quite a few of the details associated with this write-up are generally high-quality nonetheless had me asking, did they genuinely imply that? One thing I have to mention is your publishing expertise are very very good and I will probably be returning back again for any new blog post you come up with, you could possibly have a completely new admirer. I book-marked your main website for personal reference.

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