Concertina Ballet Brag Book

Click Below for an A4 Printable Worksheet

Concertina Ballet Card Part 1


Concertina Ballet Brag Book – Part 2


Shopping List

Pouchette – Rich Cream : PS145PRC

Pouchette 140 x 140 Card : PS140SFRC

Pouchette 155 x 155 Envelope : PS155ERC

 Unmounted Fairy 1 A5 Stamp Plate: UMFAIRY 1

 U-Mount Repositioning Mounting Cushion: UMREPOST

Cosmic Shimmer Watercolours: Frosted Mallow : CSWPFROS, Lavender Shine : CSWPLAV, Autumn Twist : CSWPAUT, Holly Leaf : CSWPHOLL,  Cosmic Skin : CSWPCOSMIC & Lava Red: CSWPLAVA

 Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad : Spun Sugar: DPSPUN

 Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Fancy Pants 12” x12” Dainty Paper: Various codes for the papers

 Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Acrylic Block: 6″ X 4″ : BLOCK3

 Double Sided Tape : Tape2s

Archival Jet Black Ink Pad: ARCHBLK


Cosmic Shimmer Spray Bottle: CSSPRAYBT

Paint Brush: BRUSHFINE

 Embossing Tool, A3 Card Stock & Ribbon.


Step by Step Instructions

1  This project uses a pochette and also a pochette card & envelope to make a brag book.

2 Take a piece of A3 card and place the opened card in the top corner. Use the card as a template and mark with a pencil at the folded line and the bottom and side edge.


Move the card across and mark another card shape. This will take the card right to the edge of the A3 card.


Score down the full sheet of A3 card at the point where the 2 fold pencil marks were made.


Fold one of the score lines over and crease, this will allow the card to fit into a large guillotine. Trim along the bottom edge of the card and then repeat the same width on the remaining piece.


Round the corners with the punch. For the middle section fold the card and punch through 2 layers. Complete the punching on all corners of the card.


Place double sided tape on the last panel of the card and place the end of the 2nd piece of card over the top and secure down. This will make the concertina card ready for the pouchette.


Take an opened out pouchette and score, there will be 4 score lines of the pouchette, now score 4mm on the outer side of the score line. Complete on all 4 sides, this will give the pouchette depth to take the concertina card inside.


Place double sided tape on the inside of the flap and attach the paper to score line that has just been made. Trim around the semi circle and repeat on all 4 flaps.


10 Distress the edges of the pouchette using the cut`n`dry foam with the spun sugar ink.


11 Stamp the ballet image with the archival ink and emboss with clear embossing powder. This allows the watercolours to retract from the line. Prepare the watercolours by spritzing them with water 15 minutes before working with them and then again when you start painting. Mix the colour around in the pot to get the right consistency to paint, then start painting the image.


12 Use the coloured image from the stamp sheet index to refer to when building the colours on your image. Once the piece is finished allow to dry or heat set it with a heat gun.


13 Cut 3 smaller panels in pink card and round the corners. Stamp the ballet image in the corner using a black archival ink and allow to dry before attaching them to the concertina card. Leave the other pages blank for the recipient to fill with photos or add some more yourself.


14 Place double sided tape to the bottom panel and place in the centre of the inside of the pouchette.


15 Mount the painted ballet girl on a larger piece of card with rounded edges and place 3 brads in the top corner. Apply double sided tape on the top edge only.


16 Place the topper onto the front flap of the pouchette.


17 Place a line of tape across the middle on back of the pouchette and secure the ribbon over the tape.


18 Make another small topper to cover the ribbon and to finish the card outside off.


19 As the envelopes are very generous in size the whole concertina card and ribbon will fit inside.


20 To line the envelope take a piece of printed paper and draw around the edge of the envelope flap. Cut out the shape.


21 Insert the liner into the envelope leaving the gummed area clear. Ease the envelope closed with your fingers to give you a crisp fold line. 


22 Apply tape to the liner.


23 Fold the envelope down and press to stick the tape down.


24 Open the envelope to give a professional crisp finish to the envelope. This technique will make sure the liner doesn`t pull inside the envelope.


25 Here is the completed project. Choose a different stamp and colour to theme the brag book to suit the recipient.


26 Another shot of the concertina part of the project.


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    Just stunning, Suzanne and the Cosmic Shimmers are so luscious ans sparkly – must give them a try. Many thanks for another great tutorial!

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