Nestibility Golden Flower

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Nestibilty Golden Flower


Shopping List:   

    U-Mount Fairy A5 Stamp Plate Set 

 Create a Swirl Elements: UMCREATE

 Autumn Foliage: UMAUTUMN

 British Wild Flowers: UMWILD

 U-Mount Repositioning Mounting Cushion: UMREPOST

Acrylic Block: 6″ X 4″ : BLOCK3

 Spellbinders Scallop Circle Large: WIZS4-114   Mega Curved Rectangle: WIZS5 – 006

 Cosmic Shimmer Misters – Rich Gold: CSMRICH, Mango Blaze : CSMMANGO & Lava Red: CSMLAVA

 Cosmic Shimmer Mica Pigments – Red Metal Sparkle : In Precious Sparkle Set – CSSPSET1

& Topaz Sparkle : In Tropical Dream Sparkle Set :  CSSPSET4 

 Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue: CSGLUE

 Double Sided Tape : Tape2s

White Thick Card 220gsm:P/N 40001

Pearlux Card: PLUXCR10

Paint Brush: BRUSHFINE

 Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powder : Bright Gold – CSEPBRGOLD

Gold Mirri Card : A4 – 40024

Decoupage Scissors, Scissors, Ribbon & Lightweight Paper.


Step by Step Instructions

Select a piece of lightweight paper or ribbed vellum and cut 2 scalloped circles using the 3rd & 4th size dies. Then cut 3 circles using 2nd size die, for this project I have replaced 2 circles with gold paper for the centre. TOP TIP As the paper is so light fold it in half when cutting the shapes and it gives you the shapes in one cut.


Take the scallop circle and cut into each scallop, make each cut the same length and do not cut too far into the centre or the fine cuts will become uneven.


Repeat this on all 7 circles, 2 large, 2 medium and 1 small plain & 2 small gold.


Place all but the gold paper circles on the non stick craft mat and spritz them with the rich gold cosmic shimmer mist. Allow to dry and repeat this process on the reverse.


When colouring the 2nd side dry the circle with a heat gun as this will start to curl the petals up and give you a head start on the flower shape required.


Take the close decoupage snips or a scissor edge and hold the flower and run the decoupage snips up the petals and round to curve the ends. Repeat until they are all curved and nicely formed. You can curve many petals at once, just be gentle with the flower so you don`t rip petals in this process.


Once complete the flower will look like this.


Repeat on all the circles and make one of the small gold pieces a bit tighter for centre of the flower.


9  Starting with the largest piece first, glue the other large piece on the reverse and place in the outer petal. Continue attaching the other petals in the same way getting smaller as you go.


10 Finish the flower with the smallest gold centre to create the golden chrysanthemum. If you are after a lighter feel why not use white paper and distress the edges of the petals with a light colour, do this on both edges of the petals as they will both be seen. Then make the centre piece darker for added depth to the flower.


11  Take the white 220gsm card and cut to size. Stamp random swirls using the perfect medium and sprinkle the 2 toning micas over the card. Take a soft brush swipe over the card so the mica attaches itself to the stamped images, and then flick off all the excess mica.


12 Spritz the mango blaze over the card, and then add a little of the lava red mist to the craft mat. Take a piece of kitchen roll or plastic and pick up some of the red and work it around the edges to create a border, and then allow to dry.


13 Mat the backing sheet onto a piece of gold mirri card and attach a piece of ribbon around the centre of the piece. Cut a base card to size from an A3 sheet of card and use the Pearlux card to form another mat to the card. Cut and emboss 3 layers using the curved rectangle die, Stamp and add mica to the edges of the top piece for added interest.


14 Stamp and emboss the 3 leaves using the gold embossing powder. Cut each leaf out and once all elements of card have been attached to the base card tuck and glue the leaves behind the flower. Add the sentiment to finish the card.


15 A close up of the flower



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    Just superb, Suzanne!

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    Thank you so much for your time and expertise lovely to see how its done in so much detail love and hugs jackie xxxx

  3. Mary Harvey says:

    This project is just too beautiful to be true!!
    you are a very clever bunny.

  4. Marion McColl says:

    another great project Suzanne I’m going to give it a bash on Monday

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