Tim Holtz Idea-ology Boxed Feet – Sewing Box


Click below for the A4 Printable Worksheet

Boxed Feet Sewing Box – Part 1

& Boxed Feet Sewing Box – Part 2


Shopping List

Unmounted Vintage Sewing A5 Stamp Plate: UMVINTSEWING

U-Mount Repositioning Mounting Cushion:  UMREPOST

Idea-ology Boxed Feet: TH92821

 White Thick Card 220gsm:P/N 40001

 & A3 Card Stock

 Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads: Brushed Corduroy: DPBRSHDCORD & Victorian Velvet: DPVICTORIAN

 Cut `n` Dry Foam:  FOAMCUT

 Ancient Copper Shimmer Mist : CSMANC

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Ranger Glossy Accents: ACCENTGLOS

                                                                                       Acrylic Block: 6″ x 4″ : BLOCK3

 Double Sided Tape: Tape2s


Ranger – 1/8th” Wonder Tape : WH8 – various wides also available

Ribbon: Various Codes Available

Embossing Tool,  Thin Elastic, 3D Silicone Glue & Tapestry Threads 


Step by Step Instructions

Take a sheet of uncoated A3 card and score and crease each of the 4 outer edges at the DL score point. The box can also be made by measuring 99mm in from each edge and scoring but using the score board it is quick and easy.


2 Step 2 shows a photo of how you can mark the corner sections of the box and not colour them in as they won`t be seen once the box is put together. Or just stamp away on a full A3 sheet as in the next step. Once steps 3 – 5 are complete cut on both short ends along the DL score line stopping at the horizontal score line.


3 Mount the stamps onto the U-mount, then stamp using the brushed corduroy ink at random. Use the largest stamps first to give a nice coverage.


4 Fill in the gaps using the smaller stamps. Use the Victorian velvet ink pad to stamp text and other small items to add extra interest. Allow the ink to dry. Repeat the stamping and distressing on the reverse side.


5 Distress over the whole A3 sheet using the cut`n`dry foam with the Victorian velvet ink and then use the brushed corduroy ink to distress the edges.


6 Place double sided tape on the inside box flap and then on the outside of the opposite box flap leaving the central flap without any tape. TOP TIP – fold and check which flap goes where before adding the tape. Remove the tape and secure to the central tab and repeat on the other end. This technique will strengthen the box and give a flush finish inside.


7 Place a strong silicone glue on the inside one of the box feet, making sure you don`t go to close to the edges as the glue will even out when put into position. Place each foot on each corner of the box and allow to dry.


8 To make a self lined lid take a piece of A3 card and measure and trim to 346mm x 224mm. Make 2 score lines in from each edge at 3cm and 6cm point. TOP TIP – You can trim the card to size by folding the scored edge under to fit the trimmer.


9 Working from the shorter edge cut straight up to the 2nd score line then trim away the 3 outer boxes. With the remaining square trim a` v` angle to meet the already cut line. Repeat on all the other corners.


10 Ink and stamp the lid in the same way as the base and repeat the design on the inside of the lid. Fold and crease all the fold lines.


11 Apply double sided tape to the outside corner tabs and along all the inside outer edges.


12 Bring the edges of the box up and secure the tabs to the inside of the box making sure the corners are all matched up and crisp looking.


13  Remove the backing of the tape and fold down to make a self lined lid.


14 The box base and lid are now ready completed and can be used just as a pretty box. Or why not use the Vintage artist stamps and make a box for your crafty items.


15 Take a piece of thick A4 card and trim 1.5cms off one side edge. Score the card at 9cms then at 9.5cms to make thin ridge, then flip the card and repeat the measurement from the other side


16 Concertina the card up making sure the small folds are eased into place. Lay the ribbon length half way down and across the back of the card. Secure the ribbon in place with double sided tape and also add the tape to the top and bottom edges.


17  Place the card on top of the lid and tie a bow and cut the ribbon to length.


18 Make 5 panels to fit each concertina fold by stamping onto white card and mount with matching card. Take the thin elastic and spritz with ancient copper shimmer mist to tie it into the design, allow to dry. Attach 3 strips of the thin wonder tape across the back 2 of the panels and starting from the back secure the elastic to the tape and around the front and secure to the back.


19 Stamp 3 of the cotton reels onto card and cut them out. Colour the ends of the reels with some brushed corduroy ink and once dry cover the ends with glossy accents to add dimension to the reels. Allow to dry then wrap tapestry thread around the reel sticking the end of the thread to the back of the reel.


20 Attach the 3 reels to one of the panels and stick to the front of the concertina card.


21 Fill the inside of the box with your sewing items. Why not make another mini box base to separate the items inside the box.


22 Open the front cover of the card and attach the thread panel to right hand side of the card and place a stamped panel on the other side, this will make sure the card is not to bulky.


23 Open the card out fully and attach the other panel with elastic on to the left hand side of the card and again put the stamped panel on the right hand side.


24 Open the card out fully and attach the other panel with elastic on to the left hand side of the card and again put the stamped panel on the right hand side.


25 Here is the completed project which any needle worker would love to receive.

Or as mentioned before why not make a box using the artist stamp and add your crafty goodies to it.


26 A close up of the pretty boxed feet, great for enhancing any box product.


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  1. Sandra Dry says:

    Wonderful box. Will have to make time to create this one. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Sandra x

  2. AliceH says:

    A fab-u-lous box, Suzanne- I am totally in awe. Will have to try this one. May I ask where you purchased those beautiful little feet?
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful project.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Thanks to you both – Alice if you click the link top left and go to the HOME of Creative Expressions and then click on the idea-ology link then the 2nd part embellishments – it will have a list of shops that stock this item

    I hope this helps – Suzanne x

  4. AliceH says:

    Many thanks Suzanne.

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