Fancy Pants Gift Bag

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Fancy Pants Gift Bag – Part 1 PDF &

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Shopping List

Spellbinder Die : Small Rose Border :WIZS4-164 Scallop Circle Large : WIZs4 – 124

Fancy Pants 12” x 12” paper :Various Codes for a wide selcection of papers

Acetate : Clear Film : 40021

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad, Brushed Corduroy: DPBRSHDCORD

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

 Magnetic Mat : Pk 3 A4 Magnetic Sheets : P/N MAGNET

Double Sided Tape:Tape2s


Foam Pads : FP400×5

Ribbon, Embossing Tool,  Low Tack Masking Tape & Bone Folder.


Step by Step Instructions

Take the 12×12” paper and fold the paper from the bottom to the top so the fold is at the bottom of the paper. With the paper in a landscape position trim the paper in half giving you 2 gift bag bases. For this project you will just need 1 base.      


Decide on the depth of the gift bag either 2cms or 1.5cms works well with this circle die. Now score 1.5cms down the two sides and the across the folded base leaving no scoring line on the top edge.


Open the piece of paper and trim along the 1.5cm score line to the half way fold line. Complete this on both left and right edges to form the tabs for the bag.


Place double sided tape on both the tabs. Fold forward the tabs and secure down the tabs onto the front of the paper to give you an enclosed pocket.


5 Place the bag base back onto a score board and score all 3 edges again at the 1.5cm point


Crease the scored edges down so you can easily see where to place the circle die in the centre of the bag. Secure the die cut side down  with a piece of low tack tape. Turnover and place on a magnetic mat and cut through a die cutting machine. Retain the circle centres for later. Top Tip – place the tape on the inside of the die so it doesn`t mark the paper when removed.


Score a diagonal line up to the 1.5cm line in both corners. Fold all the score lines and crease with a bone folder to insecure a crisp precise finish to the bag.


Open the bag and place your hand inside the bag to ease out the 3D bag shape, and then pinch the corners into triangles.


On both sides of the bag you will have 3 score lines. Press the centre line down to make valley fold and this will give the depth and shape to the side of the bag. Repeat this on both sides of the bag.


10  Take the triangle tabs and secure them down with double sided tape or glue to the base of the bag.


11 If using a 1.5cm measurement for a bag cut 2 pieces of paper to 9cm x 7.5cms and fold each piece in half in a landscape position. Place the rose border die cut side down on the open edges of the paper and cut and emboss through a die cutting machine.


12 Distress the rose embossed detail with the cut`n`dry foam & brushed corduroy ink. Repeat on both pieces of card. These pieces will form the handles for the bag and heighten the bag.


13 Take the 3rd & 4th size down from the largest scallop die and place them on a magnetic mat and cut 2 frames using coordinating paper, this can often be the reverse of the Fancy Pants  papers.


14 Cut 2 acetate solid shapes using just the 3rd size down die. Glue one frame to the acetate making sure you do not use to much glue that it spills out onto the acetate. Repeat this on the other frame.


15 Once the glue has set to the acetate, glue the frames to the gift bag to create the window back and front


16 This bag can be made without the aperture but it makes for a nice feature to see the contents such as wrapped sweets here. If you are making unwrapped sweets or chocolates then you can add a piece of cooking parchment when cutting the bag out to prevent grease marks on the bag.


17 To prepare the handles use the inner circles of the frames to mat two together to form a flap to close the gift bag up. Fold the circle in half and stick one half of the circle in the centre of the outside of one of the rose panels. Piece a hole with a pokey tool either side of the circle on the fold.


18  Cut 2 lengths of ribbon the same size and thread through the holes to make the ribbon handle. Pointed tweezers are helpful for this. Repeat on the other handle.


19 Stick the ribbon down with some cello tape to secure. Trim off any excess ribbon. Repeat this on the other handle making sure the ribbon is the same height when finished.


20 Place double sided tape on the inside of the handle. With the embossed rose design on the outside stick one side of the piece about 1cm down on the inside of the bag.


21 Now stick the other side of the piece onto the front of the bag. Repeat this on the other side of the bag to complete both handles.


22 Fold the unstuck circle over the top of the bag to make the bag closure.


23 Cut a rose disc design and distress the edges and rose pattern. Place on the bag using a foam square. Then tuck the flap behind the disc to secure the bag closed.


24 Fill with wrapped sweets and enjoy giving this gift that you have made.


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