Tim Holtz ~ Grungeboard & Hitch Fastener Laced Book




Click below for an A4 Printable Worksheet

Grungeboard Laced Book part 1 PDF &

Grungeboard Laced Book part 2 PDF


Shopping List: 

Grungeboard: Harlequin Finish : TH92711

Grungeboard: Swirl Elements : TH92486

( Grungeboard available in various finishes with different codes)

 1 Idea-ology Hitch FastenerTH92731

Unmounted Create a Swirl Elements A5 Stamp Plate : UMCREATE

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Design Ruler : TH92481  

Distress Ink Pads: Fired Brick : DPFIREDRED  Broken China  : DPBRKNCHINA &  Shabby Shutters :DPSHABBYSHUTT

  Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Cosmic Shimmer Misters: Red Firefly : CSMRED  & Blue Lime : CSMBLU

                  Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small)

Acrylic Block: 6″ x 4″ : BLOCK3

Various Crafting Equipment :  3D Glue, Pencil, Embossing Tool & Bone Folder. White Card 160gsm, Pokey Tool , A Large Brad, Needle & Thread.


Step by Step Instructions

Select one whole sheet of Grungeboard. Place the design ruler with the `0` in the centre and the side measurements will read `4` both sides. Make with a pencil half an inch either side of the `0`. Where the red lines are shown in the picture.


Score top to bottom on both pencil marks.


3 Crease both the score lines to create the spine of the book.



Prepare the Cosmic Shimmer mists by mixing in all the mica thoroughly. Place the Grungeboard flat onto the craft sheet.


Spritz the Blue Lime mist all over the Grungeboard, and then pat with a tissue to get the shimmer mist into the harlequin embossed areas.


Then spritz a fine mist of the Red Firefly mist to give an aged feel to the book. Repeat this process on the inside of the book and also on an oval Grungeboard element that will be used to fasten the book. Seal the shimmer mist by drying with a heat gun, or either a fine mist of water or hairspray.


Distress the edges of the book using the Red Brick ink pad and the cut`n`dry foam.


Draw 3 pencil lines equal distance apart on the outer spine of the book.


Using the design ruler find the centre of the spine using the `0`. Then with a mat underneath poke a hole through the mini holes in the ruler at both the 1 inch mark (shown in red) and repeat this on each of the 3 lines.


10 The spine will look like this once all the 6 holes are completed


11 Make 3 sets of 4 folded pages, take a sheet of 160gsm card and cut to A5 size, and then fold in half again to A6 size. Trim each of the 12 pages to 8cm wide by 12cm high. You may want to trim away 2mm on the width on 9 of the pages so the inner pages don`t protrude.


12 Take each set of 4 folded pages and with the design ruler find the centre and again with a mat underneath pierce a hole at both 1 inch marks. Do this on the other 2 sets of pages.


13 Use co-ordinating distress inks and a swirl stamp to stamp and edge each set of pages.


14 Cut a long length of thick cotton and pass the 2 ends of the thread through a needle so you leave a loop at the bottom of the thread. Take the book and the first set of pages and starting from the outer spine pass the needle through the book and then the pages leaving the loop on the outside.


15 Pass the thread across the fold of the page and back through the spine of the book.


16 Thread the needle through the loop and tighten the thread.


17 Pass the needle through to the second row of holes then repeat the same process with another set of pages.


18 Continue until all three sets of pages are laced into the book Tie off the thread on the outside of the spine wrapping it around lines of thread and knotting before trimming off the thread.


19 Find the centre edge of the back page and make a small hole. Then attach the prepared grungeboard element that was set aside earlier.


20 Repeat this on the front cover edge and screw a hitch fastener through the hole.


21 Cut a strip of Grungeboard to 2cm x 12cm and colour and spritz it to match the design. Use your fingers to curve the strip and do this at the ends too. Use a 3d glue to attach this to the spine. This will cover the lacing.


22  The book pages will look like this. You may wish for more sets of pages in your book and you can do this by increasing the numbers of rows of holes you make in the spine.



23 Here is the completed project with a view of the covered spine.


24 This shows the fastening of the book. You could make the fastening from another piece of Grungeboard or use ribbon to secure the book closed.


25 A view of the open book.  Great for a diary or to add photo`s into.


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  1. AliceH says:

    Another great project, Suzanne- such talent (sigh)

    Hugs Alice

  2. Carol Jones says:

    Sheena showed me your book yesterday at the retailer training – it’s fab, well done.

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