Cosmic Shimmer Mists – Colour Swatches

Swatches using the following card stock to show the different colours that can be achieved when misting:

 Lightly misted white card,  heavily misted white card, grey backing board,

 green , grey & black card


 *** 8 New Colours ***


 Twilight Black

Sunlight Mist

Bronze Blush  

 Red Firefly

 Angel Mist

 Ocean Sunlight

 Lilac Night

 Blue Lime


Bilberry Crush

Plum Twist

Candy Pink

Mallow Blush


Purple Violet

Golden Mint

Meadow Lush


Aqua lagoon

Midnight Blue

Rich Gold

Mango Blaze

Golden Fish

Ancient Copper

Lava Red


Peacock Green

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