Fancy Pants Folded Book


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 Paper Book PDF


Shopping List

9 Sheets of 12″ x 12″ Fancy Pants Paper – various designs

Unmounted Swirl Elements Stamp : UMCREATE

 Archival Jet Black ink pad : ARCHBLK

Cosmic Shimmer Glue :CSGLUE

Ribbons , Hole Punch & Rings


Step by Step Instructions

Take the 12” x 12” paper and fold the paper upwards so the paper is in half with the fold at the bottom.


Score down the centre and fold in half again


Open the last fold back out so you have a page ready to start folding.  Fold the top right hand corner down leaving a 1.5cm edge from the centre score line and the bottom edge. You can measure this or do it by eye and fold. This works well this weight of paper


4 Crease the triangle edge to give a crisp finish


Repeat this on the other side. At this point you can stamp and decorate the pages.  


Fold the page with the open edge on the left hand side and the fold on the right hand side. Secure down the triangle flap with glue underneath.


7  Repeat the process and make six pages for the book. Here are your six pages showing  the fold on the outside


8  Cut two pieces of thick card or board to 16 x 16 cm to make a cover for the book. Take 2 pieces of paper and cut to 21 x 21cms. Stick your card in the centre of the paper and trim the edges across ready to make a mitre corner.


Fold the edges over and secure down


10  Take another piece of paper and make a panel to cover the edges. It is at this stage where you make another pocket and attach to the inside of the cover if you wish.


11  Make two holes on the  open edges of the pages. Then do this on the cover pages as well. You can use a bind it all machine if you prefer.


12  Secure all the pages and covers with book rings


13  Add knotted ribbons to the rings if you wish and the book is ready to embellish and fill as you wish.


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