Fancy Pants Box


Click below for an A4 Printable Worksheet

 Paper Box PDF


Shopping List

2 Sheets of 12″ x 12″ Fancy Pants Paper – various designs

 Archival Jet Black ink pad : ARCHBLK

Cosmic Shimmer Glue :CSGLUE


 Ruler: TH92481 & Pencil


Step by Step Instructions

Take the 12” x 12” paper and cut in half lengthways. Then cut that piece in half so you have two 6x 6 pieces of paper


Draw a pencil line diagonally from point to point on one side of the paper and then if you prefer a different colour lid turn the paper over and draw a line on the reverse side


To make the lid fold the corner tip of the paper into the centre point and continue to do this on all four corners


Once completed start the next set of folds. Take the first point and position it over to the far side where the fold line and pencil line cross. Repeat on all other corners


5 Snip into box along the fold lines and to the bottom score line. (There are 4 cuts in all)  Don`t go past this point as it is the base of the box


6  Now fold down the first point to make the first side of the box. The triangle points will make the centre base of the box once completed


Do the same with the sides folding them inwards to create the side of the box.


Hold the two sides up and then fold the loose sides inwards to create the tabs


Now fold the two sides up and over the tabs to finish the box. You can at this point secure the base with a dab of glue under the points in the base of the box


10 To make the base trim the 6”x 6” square of paper to 5.75” x 5.75”. Repeat the above steps to make the base of the box. It works well using the reverse side of the paper to make a 2 tone box.


11  Cut out two flowers and secure the centres using a brad to embellish the box


12  Glue the flower embellishment to the lid of the box. It looks nice sitting just off the edge of one side of the box


13 You can make different size boxes. Make sure you start off with a square and you reduce the size to the second square to make the base fit inside the box.




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