Shimmer Butterfly Card


Click below for an A4 Printable Worksheet

11 mica butterfly PDF


Shopping List:

Botanical unmounted stamp:UMBOTANICAL .

Perfect Medium ink pad :PERPADCL


Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Mica Pigment

 Emerald Sparkle From Tropical Dream Set : CSSPSET4  & Ultramarine From Rainbow Sparkle Set : CSSPSET2 .

 Cosmic Shimmer Glue :CSGLUE & Cut`n`Dry foam : FOAMCUT

  Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHELRG( Large ) – CRAFTSHELSM ( Small) 

 Cosmic Shimmer spray bottle : CSSPRAYBT ,  Anti-static bag : ANTIST 

 Double sided tape : Tape2S

Various cardstock – 285 gsm, various colours that tone , Bristle brush

Step by Step Instructions

1 Wipe your card stock using an anti static bag, and then stamp your main image towards the bottom corner using a Perfect Medium ink pad


2 Apply small amounts of your chosen Mica Pigments over the stamped image. Then swipe in a diagonal motion the Mica using a brush. Tap off the excess Mica.  


3 Trim your card to the size you wish to use, the mica can be gently wiped over with a tissue or you can add more around the card to soften the background.


4 Take your Cut`n`Dry foam and the Perfect Medium. Working on a Non-Stick craft sheet add a border of clear ink, then apply your mica to add a soft border to the design.   


5 Use the blue and green to add a matching tone to your work.


6 Your piece will then look like this.


7 Spritz a very fine mist of water to seal your Mica Pigments


8 Add a butterfly and bee to the top corner by repeating the stamping with Perfect Medium and colouring with your Mica Pigments.


9 Stamp three more butterflies onto another sheet of cardstock again using the Perfect Medium and Mica Pigment process.


10 Cut all of the butterflies out and trim into the wings to add depth to them.


11 Using your thumb and fingers curve the card to give depth to the butterfly.


12 Mount your design using your glue or double sided tape onto a coordinating card leaving a 3mm border all round. Then add onto another mat of card.


13 Attach your mounted pieces onto a base card and attach with glue your cut out butterflies to finish the card. Add a sentiment if you wish.


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