Medallion® Pomander

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Shopping List:

Peony Sensational Circle Medallion ® Mounted Stamp: HH1250F

Cosmic Shimmer Glue : CSGLUE and Archival Jet Black Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Cosmic Shimmer Blue Watercress Blaze Embossing Powder : CSEPBLUWA

 White Thick Cardstock 220gsm : 40001 , Ribbon & Brads.


Step by Step Instructions

 1 Take your cardstock and stamp using your archival ink ,you can use a pigment ink but it also works well if you are quick enough with this pad. Stamp and emboss 20 circles


2 Using a fine embossing tool or similar and a ruler, score along all three sides in between the embossed lines of the stamped image.


3 Do this on all 20 circles and crease and fold the flaps upwards. Optional stamp and emboss just the centres of the flowers and cut them out to decoupage them onto the design


4 Take 2 circles and apply glue to one of the edges


Stick them together and allow to dry. Use pegs to aid with the drying of the glue and to keep the edges in place.


6 Now add another circle to make the shape in the picture  


Attach another 2 together and then stick one edge together and leave one end open if you prefer to work flat, if not stick the final edge down of the set. Repeat this process so you have 2 sets of 5 the same


8 Take one set of 5 and add another circle to each of the 5 edges as so   


9 Take some ribbon and knot this just below the top of your pomander and secure with tape or glue inside and attach on the inside of the pomander. It`s at this stage if you wish you can add some lavender to fragrance your piece or just leave plain if you prefer


10 Now glue your next 5 single circles to the ones you have just added, this time you`ll be sticking 2 edges, this brings the shape together of the pomander


11 This is how the 2 edges will look being secured together


12 Now take the other glued set of 5 circles you made earlier and stick the pieces together to complete your pomander 


13 Although it may look funny peg  all the glued edges together on this final piece to make sure you have all the edges correctly in place and allow to dry


14 Tie a bow around the front and back on the base of the ribbon hanger. This is optional but just finishes the piece of nicely – add pearl brads to each of the joins. Here you have your completed project


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